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Real estate managed smarter

Integrio Systems has robust experience in creating custom applications for real estate management. Our solutions help companies improve return on investment and services overall quality.

Smart marketing

Integrio Systems develops custom software tools to help automate marketing initiatives including launching and executing campaigns, tracking results, and adjusting to changes in real time.

Smart property management

Integrio Systems designs and develops software to help businesses boost the efficiency of their operations with lease & document management, maintenance requests tracking, financial reporting and more.

Smart deals

Integrio Systems develops AI-powered applications that use data to research audience interest, personalize offers and grow conversion rate. With billing automated and POS data collected, payment histories and other important data being aggregated and analyzed using custom solutions made by Integrio, companies receive the functionality that allows them to predict the time when a customer is most likely to purchase.

Case Studies


Homebuzz is a property management system which helps companies from the US and Canada manage their properties smarter.


Java, HTML5, jQuery, PostgreSQL

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