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Legacy systems cause a lot of pain to businesses being an obstacle to cloud migration, implementing modern security standards, obtaining security certificates and innovating your business operations with AI and machine learning. Maintenance and support of outdated applications becomes a more complicated and expensive process in the course of time - which is why keeping IT systems up-to-date is crucial to stay innovative and ensure business growth.

Integrio Systems has robust experience in legacy systems modernization and provides full-cycle solutions applying the latest technology standards as well as meeting business needs to drive the modernization process.

Our team has a deep understanding of modern technologies, security standards and microservices to accelerate your modernization process and meet your business and technology needs.

Your path to fast and efficient legacy system modernization

Understand business scope

We help you set goals and priorities of your modernization strategy in order to maximise value and cost efficiency.

Integrio Systems

Analyze your legacy system

Our experts carefully review the entire functionality and code, modules and capabilities of your legacy system to make sure that all the business and technology requirements are met

Integrio Systems

Ensure continuous modernization

All your requirements regarding modernization will be met. The highest standards of software quality are applied. You can rely on Integrio Systems to execute application support and continuous modernization.

Integrio Systems

and technology

We collaborate closely with your business and technology executives in order to make sure modernization strategy selected is in perfect tune with your business needs and technology requirements ensuring continuous innovation.


We invest in training and education of our team to ensure we always have the resources required to build and test world class modernization solutions. Our staff retention philosophy allows us to preserve and share within our team a unique blend of skills and industry-specific knowledge

Communication and

We ensure clear and transparent communication process holding regular phone & video conferences, scrum meetings and providing you with detailed reports to keep you 100% aware of everything regarding your legacy system modernization process.

123 SignUp

123SignUp is a market-leading SaaS solution for event & association management.


Java, Spring, Hibernate, Bootstrap, Oracle DB, AWS

How to deal with a legacy system?

Integrio CTO talks about challenges and solutions of legacy software modernization

Don’t let your legacy system slow down your business - contact us to get an expert consultation and find out more about legacy systems modernization!

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