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Legacy systems are often a nightmare scenario for integrating your business with cloud computing services, complying with modern security standards, and innovating your operations with cutting-edge technologies, including AI and machine learning. As well, legacy systems run on heavily outdated software which could be both a security risk and downfall your company performance. Legacy code often does not work with modern APIs making it not possible to connect the application with external services. In the course of time it becomes harder to find specialists ready to maintain continuous support of legacy applications.

Many decision-makers have a well-established opinion that modernization in this context leads to the loss of existing business logic and product functionality. However, in practice, a legacy system modernization implies updating existing components and rewriting legacy code into a modern stack, while preserving the existing product logic and functionality. Modernizing-a-legacy-system-as-a-service assumes a deep understanding of business operations of the company and the role of the system in them. So let’s discuss how full-cycle modernization of legacy systems is made and how to rebuild an outdated custom software solution into a modern system that performs as expected and meets your business goals.


Modernizing a legacy system as a service assumes a deep understanding of business operations of the company and the role of the system in them.

Our team can help you with integrating legacy corporate systems with modern platforms, by following modern tech trends and focusing on your precise business needs.

We help drive forward the migration of your legacy systems with the efficiency you expect from a world-class professional services team.

We provide high-level experience and deep expertise in project planning, development and support.

We apply our experience in software modernization projects to accelerate your legacy enterprise systems modernization process and meet your business and technology needs.

Path to fast and efficient legacy system modernization

Understand your
business scope

Our main task as a vendor is to understand the business vision and strategic goals of the client, relate all the strengths and weaknesses, and create a modernization strategy to reap the best possible ROI.

Analyze your
legacy system

Our experts carefully review the entire functionality and code, modules and capabilities of your legacy system in order to determine further modernization strategy.

Ensure continuous

Integrio Systems will meet all of your legacy enterprise systems modernization requirements. We employ high software quality standards and create custom software solutions crafted specifically for your business. We want to help our clients to convert the hurdles into advantages

Business and

We collaborate closely with your business and technology executives as well as IT staff to ensure we fully understand your needs and internal policies & software strategies. Together, we’ll craft the most efficient upgrade to your legacy systems and, if desired, migration of legacy systems to the cloud.


Our team is constantly evolving and stays up-to-date with modern trends in IT infrastructure, architecture, software, and systems migration techniques. Additionally, we create a friendly, results-driven work environment which means our team members stick with us for the long term. The result is a more cohesive team with a large and experienced body of industry-specific knowledge.

Communication and

We guarantee clear, transparent, and continuous communication between our team and yours. By scheduling and delivering regular phone and video conferences, scrum meetings, and detailed migration reports, we help keep you 100% updated and fully aware of your legacy systems modernization, every step of the way.

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