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Dedicated Developers

Why Dedicated Development Team?

This form of cooperation is perfect when you are looking for an extension of your software development team and planning to manage the development process in-house. Do you need additional software development resources, skills and expertise?

Here’s what you get:

Staff augmentation re-invented

We provide more than just body leasing. Each employee that you hire will be backed by Integrio’s expertise - if your dedicated developer needs help with technologies that go beyond his stack or help with certain technical decisions he will have all the necessary support by other team members ensuring accelerated speed of development on your project

Efficient management and communication

Our on-site team managers are always there to to ensure efficient interaction between our developers and your team making you fully aware of the process. We are never more than a brief phone call or email away and absolutely open to onsite visits and your visits to our offices in order to boost our cooperation experience.

Faster scalability and cost efficiency

20 years of operations in Europe’s leading locations for IT outsourcing allow us to find the necessary resources faster and provide our partners with highly stable and efficient solutions. We hire and train personnel with robust skills and experience and invest into staff retention as a part of our philosophy which is why many of our partnerships last for over 15 years.

Full-time engineers working on your project as a part of your team

All the HR and administration handled by Integrio

20 years of company expertise unleashed to help you

Do you need a dedicated expert support on your project?
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