Custom Software Development Services

When it comes to custom application development, you want to be sure that the team you are working with has the relevant technical expertise and is able to create a product that fully matches your business needs.

Integrio is a custom software development and consulting company that demonstrates a proven track record of completed projects since 2000. Integrio handles all HR, administration, legal and day-to-day support. We combine high-tech expertise with innovation and deliver the level of service that is expected from a reputable software development partner.

We offer custom software engineering services that cover a full spectrum of IT solutions in different application areas and geographical regions. The client-centric approach, team openness, integrity, and appreciation are qualities anchored in our DNA.


Successful projects


Robust and reliable platforms built to automate internal processes, supply chains, improve customer relations, and enhance existing infrastructure


Single or multi-tenant software, tailored to a specific business model, that can be easily integrated with third-party interfaces or platforms

Complex web

Extensive web systems that contain specific logic and, thanks to customized software development, fulfill organizational goals and objectives in fast-paced environments

AI & ML empowered software

Automation solutions designed to supplement existing business structure with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics


Consulting services that focus on the most critical issues and aspects of tech business development — project management, strategy, marketing, digital transformation, analytics, etc.


Secure, compliant, and scalable solutions that help companies move to the cloud and re-architect existing infrastructure in order to improve the resource-use efficiency

Full-cycle product development

End-to-end web and desktop software development services for companies of any size — from idea validation and prototyping to MVP development and further product scaling

Software Solutions for Startups

Custom software development for startups, including comprehensive business analysis, proof-of-concept and high-quality technical outsourcing.

& support

On-demand 24/7 support from custom software developers to maintain your product throughout its lifecycle, monitor errors, and introduce required adjustments to ensure stable product evolution

Benefits of Choosing Our Сustom Software Development Services

Partnering with Integrio means onboarding a team of diverse programming experts who have pioneered through numerous industry firsts over the past 20 years.

Even before WordPress became a thing, our team had already deployed one of the first CMSs in the world as part of a client project.


In 2006, when others were just beginning to think about using text recognition technologies on mobile phones, our team had already implemented the new ABBYY's SDK for text recognition on Nokia phones — the biggest player in the mobile phone industry at the time.

We were also among the first teams to start developing domain registry systems and took part in the very first commercial test of OCR technology for mobile ticketing in North America.

Through years of continuous development and full dedication, our team of believers and visionaries has evolved into an internationally recognized software development vendor with hundreds of satisfied clients and numerous partners in Europe, the US, and Canada.

20+ Years of World-Class Knowledge

The unique experiences we have accumulated over the years, working on projects from different geographies, ensure that our clients get the best and most effective custom software programming services. We are well prepared to meet any challenge and have the relevant know-how to avoid all the common pitfalls that take place during project implementation.

High-Level of Technical Competency

Integrio is not your typical "offshore shop" — the level of expertise offered by our team goes far beyond standard development services. Aside from competencies in traditional programming languages, we are well-versed in AI, ML, BI, Cloud, and Data Science. This allows us to work on the most challenging projects that only a few top-tier tech firms dare to take on.


The most vital ingredient for making a project a success is the ability of a team to hear the client and fully understand their needs, and go above and beyond to deliver on project requirements. All our custom software programming services are geared around that simple idea — Want to digitize complex manufacturing processes? Interested in having us do an on-site visit to examine existing business issues? Clear your schedule, we're on the way!

Long-term Partnership for Software Development

Transparency in communication and high ethical standards lay the foundation for our business and help us establish long-lasting partnerships with most of our clients. When we say “long-lasting,” we mean it: on average, our customized software development projects last for about seven years, and that number continues to grow.

Get Custom Software Your Business Needs

Want to optimize internal processes and improve the experience of your customers? Partner with Integrio to unlock new opportunities for your business!

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Our Clients

Our custom software company has been helping B2B and B2C businesses in various industries for over 20 years. We are happy to meet the expectations of ambitious startups, SMEs, and large corporate giants.
When companies choose an Integrio team, they know what to expect from day one.

Industries We Create Custom Software Solutions For

We can develop bespoke solutions for businesses from any sphere. However, in these industries, our expertise is the strongest.

We are experienced in improving manufacturing processes via customized software development. Partner with Integrio to improve individual and general KPIs, control the quality of your products by meeting the required standards, and reduce the impact of the human factor.

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Our expertise in real estate software development helps companies manage their properties more efficiently. Stay updated with the latest prices and trends using AI and ML, arrange virtual tours of apartments, and optimize marketing and sales with a modern tech solution.

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We have long-term relationships with digital marketing companies, boosting their efficiency. Get a deeper understanding of your audience and personalize messages with AI, automate routine tasks, and analyze data in real-time with custom software development.

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Our custom software company is the partner of choice for many transportation businesses, digitizing their entire supply chain. Integrio will help you track your fleet, intelligently redistribute the load, quickly learn about incidents, and make thoughtful decisions based on detailed reports.

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We know how to improve the airline's performance, developing custom software and participating in industry initiatives IATA OneRecord. Use progressive solutions to plan flights and manage slots, track cargo shipments, predict demand, and optimize pricing policy.

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Our experience in the health & fitness sector allows supporting unique industry operations. Don’t lose your chance to use smart scheduling and progress tracking, provide relevant recommendations, and personalize renewal messaging with custom software developers.

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If your telecommunication company needs to expand its capabilities, rely on our expertise. We know how to implement Operations Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS), manage communications security, and predict campaign results.

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Technologies that We Use in the Software Development Process

At Integrio, we have expertise across all major programming tools and technologies which let us streamline the development process, building stable, secure, and bug-free products.
Our engineers hold Master's and PhD degrees in Mathematics and relative fields. They are professionals ready to step in and support businesses with all of their needs, no matter the complexity.
The tech stack we use for custom application development is sophisticated yet flexible enough to work effectively on projects of varying sizes.

Custom Software Development

Our development process is transparent to our clients. Regardless of the software type and its complexity, it goes through these six stages:


At the planning stage, we study your needs and develop a strategy:

  • Get acquainted with your wishes and technical documentation, if any.
  • Discuss several options for solving the task.
  • Analyze the scope of solution development, approximate terms, and cost.
  • Create a project roadmap
  • Select a team and a technology stack.


To understand what the product will look and feel like, we:

  • Determine how the front-end and back-end will look and function.
  • Form a list of potential risks the system must deal with.
  • Develop the interface structure, user flow, and interaction.
  • Create a visual solution for the future product.


The longest stage of customized software development , at which we:

  • Develop the code and system infrastructure according to the design plans.
  • Discuss problematic situations to find the optimal solution.
  • Implement all models and business logic.
  • Integrate the necessary tools.


To guarantee product quality and reliability, we provide testing:

  • Create and provide internal, regression, and user acceptance tests.
  • Check the functionality, performance under load, and profiling of the main modules.
  • Fix bugs and defects and improve reliability.
  • Repeat the steps until we achieve the desired results.


We prepare the product and accompanying information:

  • Finalize the code, making final edits.
  • Deploy the finished product and launch it to the market.
  • Document the product, its functions, and features of operation.
  • Provide detailed instructions for other developers.


After the product launch, we continue to support the software:

  • Fix problems during the maintenance of the finished product.
  • Identify new risks and include them in system modules.
  • Scale the solution, update the system, or add new features if needed.


Andrew Young
Andrew Young
Head of Quality Assurance

I was very impressed with their responsiveness and overall communication.

We wanted a company willing to create a custom system from the ground up. They built a custom, centralized database for a transformer manufacturer. The highly visual system allows coordination between workers at multiple production facilities. They were focused on delivering a quality product. I appreciate their efforts and deep expertise in multitasking, project handling, and tech support. Their team was dedicated to the overall success and outcome of the project. Think we got it. Thank you team!

Andrew Young
Ann Murphy
General Manager at 123Signup

They really saved us from a development point of view.

Ann Murphy
General Manager at 123Signup

They really saved us from a development point of view.

They came in, got a handle on the existing products and code, and then very quickly developed a roadmap for us to upgrade the system again. They really saved us from a development point of view. Integrio’s software development expertise coupled with their collaborative and innovative approach made them the ideal partner. Integrio’s efforts had resulted in a much-improved competitive position vis-à-vis our competitors in the market.

Nikki Layton
Formerly of Volo Innovations

They were able to understand the mindset of the client when developing the product.

Nikki Layton
Nikki Layton
Formerly of Volo Innovations

They were able to understand the mindset of the client when developing the product.

They worked with us every step of the way, from planning to coding and hosting. They were online whenever we needed them and the feedback from our first customers was that we had built a user-friendly product. Integrio Systems was a huge help in getting us to this point where we could actually start selling the product.

Nikki Layton
David Polisi
Founder of Homebuzz

They are deeply intertwined with our team.

David Polisi
David Polisi
Founder of Homebuzz

They are deeply intertwined with our team.

The team was communicative and well managed, ensuring that the project was planned effectively. Their level of organization is one of their strongest assets. For now, we're able to increase items 25% for monthly recurring revenue because their team keeps adding service features that grow our revenue and marketability. Definitely recommended.

David Polisi
Jerry Johnson
President of Cascade Strategies

They added terrific imagination and insight to the level of skill we already knew they were capable of.

Jerry Johnson
Jerry Johnson
President of Cascade Strategies

They added terrific imagination and insight to the level of skill we already knew they were capable of.

We feared it would be quite challenging to implement what we want. However, Integrio proved that they’re ready for even more. They were always open for discussion and ready to make any adjustments to the solution. Timely deliveries and competitive rates combined with exceptional math and technical skills make Integrio Systems an ideal partner.

Jerry Johnson
Raman Haran
Director of R&D at Member Solutions

Integrio Systems is not a typical offshore shop.

Raman Haran
Raman Haran
Director of R&D at Member Solutions

Integrio Systems is not a typical offshore shop.

They’re invested in the process and the product, and they truly want clients to be successful. The team did a great job of being more communicative, setting expectations, and helping us meet our goals. More than anything, we felt like they believed in the product they were building. They were always ready to consult us on any issues and offer their vision of the development to improve the quality of the delivered solutions.

Raman Haran
Andrew Young
Head of Quality Assurance

I was very impressed with their responsiveness and overall communication.


Custom software development, including custom application development, covers designing, creating, upgrading, and maintaining solutions to perform specific functions. It considers the needs and desired capabilities of your business, its type, size, and industry.

It is an alternative to commercial “off-the-shelf” software that offers a determined set of features that vary depending on the selected service package. You get complete control over the process, overviewing intermediate results and making adjustments.

Custom software development allows companies to meet their unique technical requirements. You get all the crucial features and don’t pay for unnecessary ones, which often happens with commercial platforms. In addition, a custom solution is more scalable and flexible, adapting to growth and quality business changes.

It easily integrates with the tools already used in the company, saving you time and money. Also, you don’t depend on price changes for product license and support, as you cooperate directly with software developers.

The mid-sized business faces many challenges that can be easily solved with the help of technology. For example, if your employees are overloaded with operational tasks, often make mistakes, and reporting takes too long, you can easily automate these processes.

You may also need to improve the security and convenience when working with data. A custom solution allows to create a cloud-based secure platform with different access levels.

Choosing a custom software company requires attention to many details. To start, clearly define the project's objectives, as well as the desired budget and time frame. When researching developers, pay attention to their portfolio — the industries they work for and the technologies and work methodologies they use.

Also, check how comfortable is interacting with the team and whether you are on the same vibe. Remember that you can ask any questions and should receive specific answers to them in a way that is understandable to you.

The fixed price model is suitable for companies who need to create a small project lasting up to two months. At the same time, all technical documentation should be ready, and you guarantee that the requirements and scope of work will remain stable.

The time and material pricing model allows flexibility in project scale and functionality. You can also follow the project's progress at the end of each development stage, getting the ability to influence the intermediate result. This model is suitable for long and complex software solutions.

Many factors influence the cost of development. First, it is important to understand what kind of solution you want to create — enterprise software, SaaS product, complex web solution, AI & ML empowered software, etc. Other factors include the deployment platform, tech stack, necessary integrations, and design complexity.

You should understand the project's overall size, deadlines, and team size, as you have to pay for the time of each specialist. The development also provides for further maintenance and support. Please contact our custom software company to get a budget estimate.

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