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For more than 25 years, PHP has been a cornerstone of the Web. Lay a strong foundation for your new web app with expert PHP development services.


Custom PHP development service

PHP is a server-side scripting language that W3Techs estimates powers nearly 80% of all websites today. If you've used the internet to shop, find a bus route, post to social media, or do almost anything else lately, odds are that PHP played a key role in your experience. Sites with PHP back ends include Wikipedia, Facebook, WordPress, and Shopify.

Created in 1994, PHP has both helped the Web grow and grown along with it. Today this powerful programming language supports many of the functionalities that are indispensable to the user experience consumers expect.

Integrio's PHP web application development services provide businesses with solutions that are scalable, secure, and dynamic in more ways than one.

PHP Development Integrio

Offering custom PHP development
services for all industries

  • Custom CMS platforms
  • Production process tracking
  • Marketing automation and analytics
  • Custom CRM solutions
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Payment processing
  • Health records management
  • Public transit apps
  • And much more

Benefits of using
PHP technology

PHP web development services provide the advantages of a language geared specifically toward the Web. PHP's core feature is the ability to generate dynamic HTML, which enables a wide range of interactive features.

PHP Development Integrio
  • Cross-platform compatibility

    PHP runs on all major operating systems and has inbuilt support for most modern web servers. Apache, Nginx, Microsoft-IIS, and OpenResty all work with PHP.

  • Seamless database support

    Dynamic behavior depends on an application's ability to store and manipulate user data. Database-specific extensions for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, and MongoDB make leveraging your data incredibly simple in PHP.

  • Impressive multimedia experiences

    In addition to HTML, PHP can dynamically generate image files in every major format. It also supports image streaming for enhanced full-screen views and zooming. The result is sites that look better, load faster, and engage users more.

  • Rich development ecosystem

    PHP consistently ranks as one of the most popular programming languages in the world. The PHP codebase distribution is certified by the Open Source Initiative, and PHP web developers can draw on a wealth of libraries and documentation.

  • Evolving capabilities

    Because it is so web-oriented, PHP evolves with the capabilities of the internet rather than getting left behind. It benefits from ongoing support, with regular stable releases continuously improving PHP's integration with the rest of the stack.

PHP development

One of the most flexible languages in computing, PHP is ideal for myriad use cases. Our PHP specialists provide full-cycle web development for any sector.

Mobile development

A smooth and feature-rich mobile experience is imperative today even for applications that once would have been desktop-only, like CRMs, CMSes, and even ERPs. Make sure your users can carry your new app with them wherever you go with mobile PHP development services.


The only environment that changes faster than the marketplace is the internet. If you need to add new features, upgrade a database, or roll out a fresh user experience for an existing website or web app, our PHP web developers can help you take advantage of the best today's technology has to offer.

Rapid prototyping

If time is of the essence for your project, PHP may be the best choice for the back end. Popular PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symfony are packed with libraries and built-in security features to support fast, clean development. This high development velocity lets startups deliver impressive MVPs and enterprises pivot to respond to the unexpected.

How Integrio brings
PHP technology to life

As a PHP application development company with hundreds of successful projects in our portfolio, we combine comprehensive technical knowledge with hands-on experience spanning a wide range of industries.

Deep understanding of your requirements

Successful business solutions development depends on a thorough understanding of your explicit and implicit requirements. Our seasoned project managers can consult, conduct studies, and even visit physical facilities to gain the insight needed to ensure the project aligns with your vision.

Flexible cooperation options

Integrio understands that flexibility can make or break a software venture. That's why we offer cooperation models ranging from simple team extension to a dedicated development center. As your project grows and changes, we make sure it's easy and cost-effective to scale up or down.

Cross-sector experience

For more than 20 years, Integrio has executed projects in major industries including marketing, manufacturing, transportation, aviation, telecommunications, and healthcare. We draw on that experience to develop solutions that are grounded in your operational realities, no matter the technical details.

Standout expertise

PHP has a reputation for being easy to learn but hard to master. Partnering with a PHP app development company with a proven track record is the best way to ensure your finished software meets your standards for security and performance. Our senior developers have 20+ years of experience in their field, and 95% of our clients go on to choose long-term partnerships with us.

Case Study: PHP in action

CAStrack helps dentists and orthodontists deploy the revolutionary capabilities of 3D printing right in their offices.

Business need

3D printing allows doctors to create custom appliances fully in-house, but many practices have found themselves overwhelmed by the task of tracking data and production within their day-to-day operations. CAStrack recognized the need for specialized software designed around the realities of a busy dental practice.


Key challenges

  • Unique business processes
  • Complex databases
  • High security requirements


Integrio provided custom PHP app development services, combining our extensive experience in creating production tracking software with CAStrack's niche requirements. We created a system that allows each clinic to track the manufacture of each custom appliance from stage to stage while also managing complex data sets for the patient, 3D models, and treatment plan.

The tracking system integrates with clinics’ day-to-day operations with calendar views, patient detail cards, and options to monitor and update workflows for multiple offices in real time. Via a dashboard that lets users filter by office location and production stage, staff can see where each order is in seconds.

As a result, orders no longer get lost or stalled, and overall service is significantly improved. Doctors using this PHP solution report higher productivity, greater efficiency, and better patient care.


PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that's predominantly used for server-side scripting. It's particularly good at talking to relational databases, so PHP apps can use structured data very effectively.

PHP is a very flexible language. It can be used for command line scripting to make shell applications or even to write desktop applications. However, it's geared toward the Web, so it's typically used for back-end web development.

We provide a full range of PHP web apps development services. Our teams can create dynamic websites, custom web apps, and secure REST APIs with PHP to meet a variety of business needs.

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