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Angular is not just a framework but a catalyst for innovation. Use it to streamline development and create dynamic web applications that increase user engagement and satisfaction.

Build your software with Angular

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework maintained by Google. Its ready-to-use components, extensive libraries, and robust ecosystem make it an efficient tool for building responsive, feature-rich applications.

Angular development is used by various industries, from finance and eCommerce to email services. Many Google products, Microsoft Xbox, Forbes, PayPal, and Upwork were built using Angular.

Do you want to join them? Our Angular development services will help you create a modern solution with high performance and a robust feature set.

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Why Angular

Angular is a comprehensive web application framework. It offers numerous benefits that enable developers to build powerful, scalable, and maintainable apps. Let's see how it works:

Two-Way Data Binding

Simplify data management in web apps and let your users benefit from real-time UI updates. Angular automates a bidirectional model-view flow, reducing manual coding and potential errors.

Dependency Injection

Angular development separates components and services from their dependencies. This reduces repetitive code, encourages code reuse, and makes it easy to change dependencies without breaking the app.

Component-Based Architecture

Framework streamlines UI development by breaking it into small, reusable components and composing complex UIs from these building blocks. Each component contains its logic, template, and styling, fostering modularity and reusability.

Rich Angular Ecosystem and Tooling

Angular offers a diverse ecosystem of tools and resources for efficient app construction — from Angular CLI for project setup to Angular Material for UI components. Libraries like NgRx and AngularFire extend the framework state management and integration capabilities.for users, as they can communicate with the app in a conversational manner.

Ahead of Time Compilation

Angular's Ahead of Time (AOT) Compilation optimizes performance by converting templates into efficient JavaScript code. This reduces load times, detects template errors early, and enhances security, making it crucial for modern web development.

Universal Server-Side Rendering

Angular's Universal Server-Side Rendering (SSR) accelerates initial load times and boosts SEO by rendering applications on the server. This simplifies server-side logic, enhancing the performance, accessibility, and discoverability of Angular apps.

Mobile Friendliness

The framework optimizes mobile apps by loading only essential components, while tools like Angular Material offer responsive UIs and touch support. Additionally, Angular development supports Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), ensuring engaging experiences on various devices.

Clean Code

Build scalable, high-quality applications with Angular. The framework prioritizes clean, maintainable code with its component architecture and TypeScript support. This helps isolate problems and detect errors early, ensuring quality and consistency.

Our Angular Development Services

Our Angular Development Services

Do you want to harness the full potential of Angular as a powerful front-end framework?

Our Angular development company will be useful to you, regardless of what solution and for what purposes you want to create:

Angular Consulting

Consider adopting Angular for a new project or enhancing an existing application? We provide expert guidance to help you at every stage of software development. Our Angular developerswill discuss your requirements, analyze existing systems, and recommend the best strategies and solutions.

Custom Angular Solutions for Enterprises

At Integrio, we have extensive experience building scalable, robust, and secure enterprise applications using Angular. They range from complex dashboards and data visualization tools to enterprise-grade CRM and ERP systems.

Angular Web App Development

Whether you need a dynamic e-commerce platform, a content management system, or a customer-facing portal, Angular development will come in handy. We will create responsive and feature-rich user interfaces to engage users and drive results.

Angular Mobile Applications

We specialize in building cross-platform mobile applications with touch gestures and animations. They adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices.

Angular Dedicated Developers

Do you want to extend your team with dedicated Angular developers? We will select the necessary specialists and take care of all hiring and administrative hassles. Scale your development capacity and reduce time to market with experienced specialists.

Why Integrio as an Angular Software Development Company

What is the secret of our successful Angular products?

A combination of strong hard skills, passion for innovation, and competent project management in our Angular development process.

Why Integrio as an Angular Software Development Company

Deep Expertise in Angular Technology

Our developers have advanced skill sets and an understanding of Angular's core concepts, such as components, modules, services, and dependency injection. We stay updated with the latest framework advancements to ensure the building of cutting-edge solutions.

Cross-Sector Experience

We deliver Angular apps across various sectors, including aviation, manufacturing, real estate, telecommunications, transportation, digital marketing, health and fitness, and retail. This allows us to understand the unique requirements and industry challenges.

Client-Focused Approach

Our Angular developers adopt a client-focused approach to exceed your expectations with every project. We carefully research your needs and preferences and inform stakeholders about the development process.

Reach Talent Poll and Strong HR Department

Integrio has a talented team of developers, designers, project managers, and quality assurance specialists. Our HR department uses strict recruitment processes to find the best candidates and always provides opportunities for professional development.

Case Study: Angular
in action


Mobiry is a dynamic AI-powered SaaS solution provider for omni-channel retail brands worldwide. It focuses on enhancing marketing strategies and fostering consumer loyalty.

Business need

In 2018, Mobiry decided to transform retail loyalty programs with machine learning solutions. Their goal was to enhance sales and ROI through personalized promotions and data insights. To achieve this, they partnered with Integrio.

Case Study: Angular in action

With Integrio's expertise, Mobiry successfully launched its innovative SaaS solution. It enabled retailers to enhance marketing strategies, increase consumer engagement, and drive sales, ultimately improving ROI and business growth.

By leveraging advanced AI and machine learning techniques, Mobiry's clients gain actionable insights from POS data, making informed decisions and targeting consumers with personalized offers.

Mobiry's successful entry into the global market set new standards for consumer loyalty initiatives.

Key challenges
  • Integrating with ERP, POS, and data systems
  • Supporting various integration scenarios — direct integration, e-commerce, data lake, batch exchange, etc
  • Developing an AI-driven predictive engine


At Integrio, we offer unmatched expertise in Angular technology and a wealth of experience across diverse industries. With a client-focused approach and a strong HR department, we ensure seamless hiring and delivery of exceptional results.

When selecting a partner for an Angular project, consider its expertise in this technology and track record of delivering successful projects. Additionally, evaluate its communication, collaboration, and client-focused approach to ensure a smooth development process.

We ensure rigorous testing methodologies, continuous communication, and adherence to project timelines and milestones. Also, our team follows industry best practices and Agile methodologies.

Yes, we comprehensively assess the existing codebase, identifying any technical debt, architectural flaws, or performance bottlenecks. Then, we devise a tailored plan to address the issues, which may involve refactoring code, optimizing performance, enhancing security measures, etc.

Yes, Angular is likely to remain relevant in 2024 and beyond due to its strong community support, continuous updates, and widespread adoption by enterprises. Its two-way data binding, component-based architecture, and TypeScript support position Angular as a stable and powerful framework.

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