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Hire the best Node.js Developers in
4 Steps

Follow these steps to find your perfect Node.js match.

1. Define Project

Specify your work scope, project timeline, and budget. Identify the required skills and experience. Be sure to communicate your goals and expectations clearly.

2. Get the Right

Develop your business while we pick specialists with the necessary skills and experience. We check their expertise and provide you with the CVs of the most suitable candidates.

3. Conduct final

Schedule final interviews and assessments to choose Node.js developers for hire. Evaluate how candidates fit your company culture and values.

4. Start your

Integrate our dedicated Node.js developers into a well-organized workflow. Benefit from cost-efficient development solution with no administrative chores.

Technologies Our Node.js Developers Use

Find out what tech stack we use to deliver high-quality software solutions.

Programming languages:

JavaScript, TypeScript


MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis


Microservices, serverless, RESTful APIs

Client-Server communications:

HTTP, WebSocket, GraphQL

Message brokers:

RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Amazon SQS


Express.js, Hapi, MeteorJS


AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Heroku


Jest, Mocha, Chai


Docker, Kubernetes

Reasons to Hire Offshore Node.js Developers from Integrio

Unlock your tech potential with our senior Node.js developers.

Reasons to Hire Offshore Node.js Developers from Integrio
  • Broad experience

    Our company has 20 years of experience delivering advanced custom software for ambitious startups, small and mid-sized companies, and large-scale enterprises.

  • One-stop solution

    Integrio provides Node.js developers for creating end-to-end solutions — from idea validating and prototyping to building an MVP and scaling it for further growth.

  • Cutting-edge technologies

    We have comprehensive expertise in creating AI/ML-powered solutions including prediction and recommendation engines, data analysis, intelligent assistants, and others.

  • Flexible cooperation

    Choose the most suitable cooperation model — project outsourcing (time & material or monthly retainer), team extension (time & material), or dedicated team (time & material or monthly retainer).


The cost of hiring Node.js developers from Integrio varies. It depends on the specific project requirements, the level of expertise needed, and the duration of the engagement. We offer flexible pricing models to meet your needs, including fixed price, time & material, or monthly retainer. Contact us to get an estimate.

There is no fixed limit of Node.js developers you can hire from Integrio. We have a pool of talented programmers who can join your project based on your requirements. Whether you need a single coder to strengthen your in-house Node.js developers or an entire team, Integrio can provide the right resources to help you achieve your project goals.

To hire vetted Node.js software engineers for your project, look for a specialist with experience in developing similar projects. Check for portfolios and references to ensure their technical skills and problem-solving abilities. And pay attention to their work ethic and communication style to guarantee a collaborative environment.

We provide Node.js development services to businesses of all sizes, ranging from startups to large enterprises. We guarantee a high-quality result for a company from any industry, but the most experience we have working with real estate, transportation, digital marketing, retail, manufacturing, aviation etc.

If you hire remote Node.js developers from Integrio, we will ensure they access high-performance workstations, hardware and software licences, development tools, and other necessary resources. It can help you save on infrastructure and overhead costs, allowing you to focus on the project's core requirements.

If you hire Node.js programmers from Integrio, you get full code ownership after project completion. That means you can modify, distribute, and use it for your business needs. To avoid any disputes or misunderstandings in the future, we sign a contract that clearly defines the intellectual property rights of the code.

Dedicated specialists collaborate and communicate effectively to ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget, while freelancers often work independently. Also, IT companies like Integrio have established processes and protocols to mitigate risks related to the project's security and confidentiality.

We have established security protocols and measures to ensure data safety. This includes using secure communication channels, implementing access controls and firewalls, and regularly conducting security audits and assessments. Also, you sign non-disclosure agreements to guarantee that your data will not be shared with any unauthorized parties.

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