AI Staff Augmentation Services

Want to complete your projects more efficiently, accessing specialized skills and expertise?

Maybe it’s time to try AI staff augmentation services from Integrio. This way, you can also reduce overhead costs associated with recruitment, onboarding, and benefits while still getting robust AI expertise. We provide the full support package, from API integration and software creation to product modernization.

Outsource artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) tasks to Integrio to focus on core business activities and strategic initiatives.

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AI Staff Augmentation Services

AI Staff Augmentation Services We Provide

Get access to a pool of AI-assisted coding experts who can enhance your project with a range of advanced services:

Enhance your project
  • Modernization of existing platforms based on AI&ML

  • AI-augmented staffing solutions

  • API integrations with AI services

  • Custom solutions based on IT staff augmentation

  • Managed AI Services

Artificial Intelligence Staff Augmentation Process

Find out what stages await you through AI-assisted software development with Integrio:


Project Needs

We analyze your project goals, scope, and technical challenges and identify areas where the existing IT team may lack the required expertise. Also, we assist you in crafting detailed job requirements and descriptions for each IT role you intend to fill.


NDA Signing

We will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect sensitive project-related information. This contract ensures that any information, data, or intellectual property shared with us remains secure and confidential.


Expert Selection

We carefully review resumes to select the most promising candidates and evaluate their background on technical interviews. Then, you can communicate with IT specialists in person to determine who best suits your project needs.


Employee Hiring

We handle all the necessary legal formalities and documentation related to hiring chosen experts. This includes drafting employment contracts, specifying terms and conditions, and ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations.


Smooth Onboarding

We provide experts with all the essential training, resources, and information they need to integrate seamlessly into your project. Also, we make regular check-ins to address any concerns or questions they may have and continuously assess their performance.

For 23+ years of work, we have adjusted the cooperation process to a perfect mechanism.

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Benefits of Our AI Staff Augmentation

Benefits of Our AI Staff Augmentation

Some clients have been partnering with us for 8-15 years. Want to join them?

  • Since 2000, Integrio has been delivering complex solutions for startups, small and mid-sized companies, and enterprises. We have significant experience with such industries as aviation, manufacturing, real estate, telecommunications, transportation, digital marketing, retail, health and fitness.

  • Our senior developers and data scientists with 15-20 years of experience lead teams and work on extremely challenging projects. For example, AI/ML experts build products with generative AI, prediction and recommendation engines, data analysis, forecasting, intelligent assistants, etc.

  • In our work, we strictly adhere to product quality, project budget, and deadlines. At the same time, we are very flexible to any changes, including team scaling or adding new features. This approach lets us turn small projects into long-term cooperation with continuous support and software modernization. Some clients have been partnering with us for 8-15 years. Want to join them?

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Why to Choose AI-Augmented Development with Integrio

  • A pool of highly skilled and experienced AI/ML professionals

  • A project manager who plans, executes, and oversees a product lifecycle

  • Flexible cooperation solutions to suit your specific requirements

  • Customized development support tailored to different skill levels

  • Experts with Ph.D. in Math and Computer Science

  • Prioritizing robust architecture and well-thought-out design patterns

  • Reusable code modules that save project time and resources

  • Your project will align with the specific company’s goals and objectives

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AI staff augmentation service is a business strategy that allows companies to supplement the existing team with external professionals to meet project requirements. That means new specialists work together with in-house ones during the period determined by the contract.

Consider AI in staffing when your organization lacks in-house AI expertise, faces complex challenges, or has a defined scope and timeline. Also, such services can scale up your AI initiatives or embark on new AI projects.

Integrio provides access to a global talent pool of AI professionals with exclusive skills and expertise that may not be readily available locally. For instance, you can partner with high-level specialists from Poland and Ukraine at a more competitive price due to a lower cost of living than in Canada or Great Britain.

According to a contractual agreement, you have all the rights to use, modify, and distribute the code and algorithms. Furthermore, the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) prohibits us from distributing and employing your intellectual property for our purposes.

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