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Krakow (often spelled as Crakow in English) R&D facility was established in 2014 to improve our ability to serve customers in European Union and to capitalize on availability of high level management and development resources in Poland, and in Krakow specifically. This location has experienced strong growth and is now a home to many of our tech leads, software engineers, sales and PMs. Being part of the EU, it is convenient for clients from all over Europe to visit our office to personally get to know specialists who will be responsible for the project implementation. The office is located within 20 minute drive to the Krakow’s international airport, near transport interchange (buses, trams, etc.), and has a dedicated parking lot.

Krakow insights

Java development has been our primary technological focus for more than 20 years, therefore the most crucial factor for us is highly qualified specialists who can work most efficiently with Java technologies. Poland is #1 among all Java developers in the world and third overall. In Krakow, we found just those guys who are the best ones in this field!

This is not surprising to us, as in our experience, Polish developers have extensive tech background and good engineering skills. There are two of Poland's largest technical universities - Jagiellonian University and the Tadeusz Kościuszko University of Technology that educate and graduate the best technical talents for cooperation not only with Polish but also with world-class companies.

Krakow offers an IT education ecosystem and favorable economic conditions which helps us keep our pricing cost-efficient. Software development services in Krakow are roughly 35% cheaper compared to the US, Canada or Western Europe. The cost of living in Poland is much lower than the cost of living in other European countries. This fact creates some advantages for business in terms of renting premises, hiring employees and training them.

Poland is #1 among all Java developers ahead of other countries.

In Krakow, we found just those guys who are the best ones in this field!

krakow numbers
krakow numbers
krakow numbers

Krakow is teeming with new ideas. There is a huge number of startups that ultimately find their investor and achieve great success.

Besides strong tech skills and backgrounds, over 90% of local students have high literacy in English which helps us engage resources that maintain reliable and efficient communication between our development centers, head office and our partners.

Krakow has a comfortable time zone for customers from European countries. Also, the time difference, for example, with the east coast of the United States is only 6 hours. Our head office is located in Canada, so it is not a problem for us to adapt to the time zones of our clients. Moreover, we are always ready to meet our clients and organize business meetings offline if it is required.

Our Krakow development team is ready to confront new challenges!

IT Krakow in numbers

krakow facts
krakow facts
krakow facts
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