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Integrio's history, expertise, and why the most powerful software for your business is made with Java

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45 years of experience in Java for 2 of them!

Over the years, we've developed hundreds of projects, involving literally all types of Java applications. From simple e-commerce websites to custom applications for big enterprises and sophisticated network services. From J2ME embedded systems, Java applets, and desktop applications, to advanced multi-tiered platforms that are distributed across the globe, developed using enterprise editions of Java.

Although we have garnered a reputation for versatility, our typical projects are web based applications. These types of projects might include an online billing platform, CMS, or an ERP that is using Java as a server-side backend. Since the early 2000's, when Java was a project of Sun Microsystems, our company has consistently been a member of Sun's ISV Partner Program in Java.

We are confident that our expertise in Java is among the top 1% of all software companies worldwide. Throughout the years we have had the pleasure to work on Java based projects with stellar clients, such as Nokia, Air Canada, PlusGSM, Constellation Software, government entities of various countries, and so many more. Source code that we have developed has been third-party reviewed on multiple occasions, successfully passing both code audits during start-up acquisitions, and security audit and reviews when working for bigger organizations.

What's so special about Java?

Java is a time proven and widely used language to develop stable solutions to complex problems. While multiple other programming languages saw rise and fall, Java has endured and thrived. Development in Java will help you know your product will work seamlessly, no matter your need.

Java makes sense for a wide variety of clients and applications, from startup SaaS products to enterprise systems, for which Java is a de-facto gold standard.

Java provides unique flexibility when it comes to choosing the right environment - from Apache’s Tomcat developed and maintained by a thriving open source community to enterprise-grade commercial application servers from Oracle and IBM.

We chose Java as our primary focus due to its cross-platform nature that follows the “write once, run anywhere” philosophy. Java also provides unmatched safety and security thanks to its memory management model, native multi-threading support, and its object-oriented design.

Java has an extensive ecosystem of popular frameworks that allows programmers to easily develop clean, modular, reusable code for both simple and complex problems. We use a variety of these frameworks in our company, providing clients with custom java development, among others.

Put our developers to work for you

We have a large team of highly skilled developers ready to begin your project today. When you build your project with us, you’re building a relationship with our entire team. Regardless of the scale or complexity of your application, your dedicated developer or a team always have the backing and access to expertise of everyone in our java software development company, ensuring that even the most challenging parts of the project are completed quickly and efficiently. You’re not just building a project; you’re building a partnership.

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You’re not just building a project; you’re building a partnership.

Integrio Systems

Industry Experience

Over the past 20 years, we have delivered custom Java software development services across multiple industries, including:

These are just a few examples of the wide range of industries we’ve had the pleasure of working with. This exposure has not only allowed us to gain specific knowledge of unique sets of requirements and best practices, but has also given us the overall expertise to take on any imaginable project.

  • SaaS products
  • Manufacturing
  • Domain names industry
  • Aviation and Transportation
  • Real Estate and Property Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Retail and E-commerce
  • Telecommunications
  • Health and Fitness

Our Java development
services include

Using our expertise in the Java platform and its ecosystem, we develop custom solutions for any range of the business needs. Through close collaboration we create a “made to fit” Java solution, delivering you nothing but a top-notch, scalable product.

Java was designed to be an incredible choice for creating enterprise solutions. Regardless of the size of your company, number of locations, complexity of security requirements, mission critical nature of your data, or need for uninterrupted operations, Java will be the perfect choice to develop the software for your business.

Whether it’s customer relationship management, project management, task automation, manufacturing management, financial transactions, or data analytics, we can help you come up with the best and most cost effective solution for the task at hand, and integrate it with your other internal systems.

Integrio Systems has significant expertise in working on projects that include artificial intelligence and machine learning components. Such projects can be either pure Java-based or involve a combination of technologies with Python often being a choice for the AI portion. We are very experienced and comfortable with Java and Python integration to develop advanced AI and ML- driven solutions.

At least 85% of the companies plan to migrate at least a portion of their applications to the cloud by 2025. Java’s cross-platform capabilities as well as its support by major cloud vendors such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure make Java perfect for Cloud computing solutions. We are the experts in custom Java Cloud development and deployment.

In some cases initial versions of software applications are prototyped or implemented using simpler scripting languages that are good enough for MVP, but become a roadblock for evolution to the level of a production-ready, mature product. This is where we can help, having extensive expertise in migrating products implemented using other technologies to Java, making sure they meet your needs for years to come.

Begin your project with Integrio Systems

When you hire Integrio Systems, you’re building a partnership we hope will last a lifetime. We’re always here for you to keep your software system running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Because we work with such a variety of different clients across many industries, we have become experts in versatility and flexibility. We have a proven history of delivering on those needs through tailored development and a deep understanding of our clients.

Integrio Systems

A devoted level of cooperation

Integrio Systems

Take the worry out of your investment with an open and transparent process.

You should never be left in the dark when completing a custom-made software solution. On top of our dedicated team of developers, we have on-site managers to ensure you are always in the loop on the status of your project. We are always a phone call away and welcome on-site visits to our offices to learn more about our process.

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