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Our team wins the 2020 ONE Record Hackathon hosted by IATA

After 32 hours of non-stop brainstorming, coding, cranking out machine learning models and coffee binge drinking we’re proud to announce that the app we developed named AIR J.A.R.V.I.S., was voted a winner of the 2020 ONE Record Hackathon hosted by IATA.

Mystical Data Science: A magic box or nothing special?

These days nobody is surprised by facial recognition systems or by artificially intelligent (AI) chess players winning against world champions. This magic only happens thanks to Data Science and Machine Learning.

Secure file exchange via Amazon S3

Here you can find a few tweaks that will allow you to make storage and exchange files in S3 way more secure than usual and dramatically reduce the number of possible threats.

What are the differences between Senior, Mid-level and Junior?

Today, Alex Ptashniy, Chief Technology Officer at Integrio Systems, shares with us his understanding of this controversial topic.

What is a model in machine learning?

Often, there are cases when a developer using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms cannot answer the question, what is a model? Let’s try to clarify this issue.

Always Ahead of the Curve

Learn more about how Integrio designs and develops custom enterprise applications

Integrio takes part in IATA’s ONE Record initiative

Insights into air freight industry digital transformation

How to deal with a legacy system?

Integrio CTO talks about challenges and solutions of legacy software modernization

Integrio Ukraine team celebrates 2018!

Happy new year to our friends, partners and employees!

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