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Сustom .NET development services open up a world of possibilities. Your company's goals + our developers' expertise = software that makes business better—on any platform.

.NET Development

.NET is a cross-platform framework powering software in every industry. Many of your favorite apps, smart hubs, and games are .NET applications.

Although the name may make you think first of the internet, .NET services and technologies can run on just about any operating system, mobile device, or game console. Here at Integrio, we have used .NET frameworks for successful projects ranging from payment collection solutions to advanced analytics.

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The Benefits of Using
.NET Technology

Developed by Microsoft, .NET is one of the best-supported software frameworks in the world. Over 60,000 specialists from 3,700 companies have contributed to its ecosystem, and .NET development solutions offer a significant edge in versatility, efficiency, and reliability.


In addition to the .NET implementation, which supports Windows, macOS, and Linux, the .NET platform includes Xamarin to extend native performance to all major mobile operating systems. What's more, .NET application architecture can be as varied as the hardware it runs on.


The .NET framework is modular, resource-rich, and language-neutral. As a result, a .NET software development company can build performant apps with amazing features—fast. That efficiency lets developers respond better to client feedback and changes to project parameters.


Legacy code that has outlived its support is an expensive nightmare for many businesses. But .NET has enjoyed continuous support and improvement for twenty years, and .NET services and technologies are more prominent than ever. Building your project using .NET protects the longevity of your investment.

.NET Development

Over twenty years of experience in crafting custom software solutions make Integrio a premier .NET development company. Our specialists leverage .NET's robust ecosystem to create powerful, scalable applications.

NET Development Integrio

With over 100 web solutions implemented, Integrio Systems is an industry leader in web app development. We offer .NET web development services for projects of any scale or complexity. The .NET umbrella includes ASP.NET, which readily handles security features like multi-factor and external authentication and provides real-time functionality and APIs for seamless integration.

Like Java, .NET is a first-class option for building enterprise software. ERPs and CRMs are typically high-load systems using large amounts of data for predictions and forecasting. The .NET ecosystem includes services like Azure SQL and Azure Synapse to simplify data storage and management.

Microservices are task-specific software components such as shopping carts, inventories, and AI recommendation engines. Microservice architecture is increasingly popular because applications built with it are agile, resistant to failure, and easy to modify and deploy. Integrio's .NET software development services let you benefit from a whole ecosystem focused on decentralization so that your business can stay competitive in a dynamic, customer-centric marketplace.

.NET reflects the realities of modern infrastructure, stressing DevOps over traditional siloing of IT from development. It also provides a wealth of serverless computing and cloud-based data solutions. Both of these aspects make it ideal for SaaS product development.

Many companies have legacy systems with business logic and functionality that they would like to keep, even as those systems face mounting security, performance, and compatibility problems as they age.

One of the benefits of using .NET is that developers have the resources to preserve time-tested functionalities when modernizing a legacy system. Microservice architecture even makes it possible to modernize incrementally, so businesses can start seeing improvements in the most critical parts of their operations without the disruption or upfront cost of a top-down overhaul.

Partner with a Trusted .NET
Development Company

When you shop for software your business will rely on, you need to know your new product will deliver great return on investment. At Integrio, your success is ours, and our client-centric approach, transparency, and expertise have made us a trusted .NET development company for years.

Our models of cooperation can fit any budget or scope of work. We offer .NET consulting services to help you evaluate technical options and choose a cooperation model.

NET Development Integrio

Our Cases



Developed by Integrio from the ground up using .NET Core, Cubiic is an advanced payment collection solution that helps fitness clubs and martial arts studios recover delinquencies. Gyms can nudge members about overdue payments via multiple channels, each with seamless payment system integration. Since a third of all membership cancellations start with one missed payment, Cubiic partners retain more members while boosting revenues by 15%.




CareOregon needed a way to glean actionable insights from satisfaction surveys of hundreds of thousands of members. Data management and security were central concerns. Using .NET, Java, and React, we built software that performs sophisticated analyses on the data, which users can view and utilize in user-friendly dashboards. As a result, CareOregon has been able to increase revenue and customer satisfaction while streamlining business processes.


Abel Screening, Inc.


Abel Screening provides technologically advanced behavioral evaluation and screening tools to clinicians and criminal justice professionals. In 2021, ASI partnered with Integrio to modernize their assessment software.

This software, the AASI Administrator, measures Visual Reaction Time (VRT) in conjunction with a series of questionnaires. Data integrity is crucial. Integrio is providing .NET application development services to rewrite the AASI's questionnaires and integration with the VRT portion of the product.



.NET developers create or rewrite applications using .NET, an open-source software framework launched and documented by Microsoft. It was preceded by .NET Framework. Unlike .NET Framework, however, .NET runs on many platforms.

In addition to libraries and programming languages (C#, F#, and Visual Basic), the .NET developer platform provides the .NET CLI, Visual Studio tools, and a cross-platform IDE and editors.

Just about anything you can think of. Because .NET is designed with modern infrastructure and architecture in mind, it's ideal for everything from single-function apps to sophisticated systems. As a .NET development company, Integrio collaborates with businesses in all major industries to create custom .NET software for desktop, mobile, and the web, including SaaS and startup products, ERPs, CRMs, analytics dashboards, and legacy systems modernization.

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