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What are the key challenges for Startups

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    Find a proper development team with relevant case studies & social proof

    Finding a development team with a proven track record, that you can trust implicitly, is very difficult. Ideally, the development team being considered has case studies and software products currently in the market that prove they are capable of bringing your idea to life.
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    High software development costs

    The process of design, prototyping, development, testing, to the eventual launch of your product, can prove to be an expensive ordeal if you don’t manage to find a reliable, trustworthy software partner. Due to software development’s complex and evolving nature, hiring teams to deliver a high-quality product will always be costly, however, that cost can be mitigated by choosing an experienced team that can react to requirement changes quickly, keeping your project on track.
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    Lack of communication during the project

    Communication between project stakeholders is vital to the overall success and delivery of a software product. Not only does the software team you use need to be technically excellent, but they must also possess key communication skills that allow them to convey potential roadblocks and issues, keeping the project on time and on budget.
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    Time management

    When building your company, it always feels like there is never enough time. There are countless decisions to be made and only 24 hours in a day. So start by eliminating or minimizing distractions and anything that gets in the way of running your business. Choosing an existing, highly-skilled development team allows you to focus your time and energy on the most impactful and urgent matters.

Our startup experience

As a result of the collaboration, we helped a startup to build a successful product and get acquired by one of the largest Canadian software companies. The team at Integrio Systems worked diligently to develop a solution that was user-friendly, efficient, and affordable.

Nikky Layton

Nikky Layton,

Co-founder, Volo Innovations

The biggest evidence of our success is that we were acquired by a large software company. The other company was interested in us in large part because of the software that Integrio Systems helped develop.

Case Studies

Volo Innovations

Volo Innovations is resource planning software tool designed to efficiently manage gyms and fitness centers.


Java, MySQL


123Signup is a market-leading SaaS solution for event & association management.


Java, Spring, Hibernate, Bootstrap, Oracle DB, AWS


Mobiry is an AI-powered solution designed for brands active in omni-channel retail to help them boost sales and ROI.


AI & ML, Java, Spring, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, Angular, AWS

Our solutions for Startups

Comprehensive business analysis

Using our many years of experience we can consult and guide startups towards better choices. By analyzing the needs of your business, we can identify the optimal solutions to issues that may threaten to derail your successful startup.


If you have an idea but are currently unsure of its technical viability, a proof-of-concept may be the best path forward. Gain confidence in your idea by proving your software idea can be successful.


We have delivered impressive, functional early-stage MVPs for countless startups, who have used the success and interest garnered by their MVP to grow and scale. An MVP helps you validate your product and receive invaluable market feedback, allowing you to make changes and be a better fit for your customer’s needs.

Startup product development

We can confidently design, develop, test, and orchestrate full product launches. Our talented team possesses the technical and soft skills required to keep product development on track.

Startup product scaling

Scaling an existing project can prove to be a laborious and challenging task. We have the knowledge and expertise required to chart the best path forward that will allow your product, service, and business to scale successfully.

How we do business

Our company offers a wide range of pricing models making it convenient for our clients to work with us. The right choice for you will depend on your budget, availability, and your familiarity with the development team and their processes.

We know how challenging deciding on a budget can be when you are just starting out.
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    Time and Material

    The Time & Material (T&M) concept means clients pay for the result based on hourly rates. The client pays not for the amount of work, but the hours spent on software development by the hired team.
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    Monthly Retainer

    With this pricing model, the client performs full-time monthly billing for the specialist’s time spent. The client may pay a lump sum upfront or make a recurring monthly payment enabling the developer to work with you on a long-term project.

Software Outsourcing Team for Startups

For more than 20 years we have helped improve our partner’s business results and ROI through building custom tech solutions tailored to their specific business needs. If you already have an existing team to implement your idea, but don't have enough people in-house, Integrio's specialists will be happy to become an invaluable extension to your team.

Launching a startup? We can help!

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