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Custom solutions made by true experts in air freight industry

Airlines is an exceptionally complex business - therefore, highest standards regarding stability, infrastructure and data security are a must for any aviation-related IT system.

Being involved in IATA OneRecord initiative and having a great deal of experience in delivering solutions for the aviation industry, Integrio Systems developed robust expertise and understanding of the specifics within the industry.

Online booking management and shipment tracking

Integrio develops custom web portals that allow air cargo companies connect to their customers - with smart and beautiful interfaces, smooth data exchange between the portal and ERP system, real time shipment tracking and many more included.

Risk-free legacy components modernization

Integrio helped numerous companies rewrite their old software into modern stack, migrate to the cloud and build new applications designed to smoothly interact with legacy components. We know how to avoid damage while executing legacy software modernization. For many aviation companies legacy software is the solution that ensures stability of business operations and it has been doing it well for decades - Integrio knows how to safely get rid of the maintenance complications that emerge with new technologies.

Cargo industry stakeholders information exchange

Integrio Systems is proud to make a contribution to helping create common digital frameworks for cargo airlines ensuring the digital transformation of the industry leads to higher operational efficiency and security providing end users of air cargo services with better experiences.


Aviation businesses exist in a highly challenging environment. Rapid demand changes, different airport & maintenance fees, fuel prices and weather conditions are a routine for any company within the industry. Reacting to the changes on time, evaluating risks adequately, forecasting demand, seeing opportunities for business growth faster - this is not the full list of opportunities that your data hides. With our industry-specific expertise and a team of data analysts & AI developers we know how to help you structure and use your data to retrieve the insights needed to support your business growth.

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