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Software development company in Vancouver, Canada

Integrio Systems is a Canadian custom software development company located in Vancouver, BC.

Through the head office located in Vancouver, we have been providing software development services for US and Canadian partners since 2002. We are focused on complex web development and SaaS projects with advanced expertise in Java, Angular, React and other technologies.

Our model is built around efficiently serving our customers from multiple locations and while most of the development is currently performed from our development centers located in the best IT hubs in Europe, it is Vancouver HQ that handles day-to-day business aspects of the company and is deeply involved in the project management and business analysis thus making the project process accessible, smooth and convenient for our clients. We are here to make sure your project succeeds!


Why did we choose Vancouver?

British Columbia’s tech hub is located in Lower Mainland and attracts world-class talent from all over the world.

The economic attractiveness of the city and surrounding areas encourages many business owners to expand their capabilities and open new offices there. Over the past couple of years, Vancouver has been able to strengthen its position and become among the top 10 most technically developed cities around the world.

Greater Vancouver is considered the best startup-ecosystem in Canada due to the location of the largest unicorns with an income of more than $ 1 billion. The fast growth of the startup community was facilitated by several factors such as favorable business policies, the region’s economic stability, loyal tax policy, and the availability of startups major funding sources in Canada.


Over the years of operation in the Canadian market, we have become a recognizable part of Vancouver's and BC’s tech community.

  • Convenient time zone for the USA and Canada
  • One of the top tech hubs in North America
  • Involving tech scene

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