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Software development costs and risks reduced

With new technologies and specializations emerging daily, any IT company from to time faces the need to extend its workforce for a fixed period of time or hire specialists with unique skill sets. Integrio Systems helps startups and enterprises grow their teams faster with reduced costs and recruitment time.

Dedicated developers and teams

Integrio Systems helps companies find, hire and manage remote developers and development teams on-demand. Unique skill sets, transparent communication and development cost reduction come in package with full access to the expertise that was gained during 20 years of experience in the industry.

Rapid access to world-class talent

Our delivery offices are located in Europe’s top destinations for IT outsourcing. Krakow, Poland and Kharkiv, Ukraine have developed into large tech talent pulls due to huge numbers of students and numerous R&D institutions. With our excellent reputation as employers and long history of operations in the region we ensure fast and efficient recruitment of valuable resources to support your software initiatives.

IT consulting

Working closely with our clients to define the scope and the goals of the development process is a part of our philosophy. We provide expert-level support and consulting to select the right combination of skills, tools and technologies.

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