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AI & ML, Java, Spring, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, Angular, AWS


Mobiry is a San-Francisco-based software company focused on improving consumer loyalty with AI. Mobiry’s proprietary AI omnichannel solution learns and analyzes the unique behaviour of consumers to deliver personalized offers for the brands, products and services they want to buy most, at a time most likely to drive a purchase.


Mobiry was looking for a reliable software development company to turn their ambitious idea of empowering consumer marketing with AI. In 2017 they partnered with Integrio Systems to scale their R&D resources up and develop the functionality of their product.


Integrio Systems experts used advanced machine learning techniques to design and create an AI engine that helps Mobiry’s clients automatically retrieve and use POS data to predict consumer behavior, evaluate the potential of different deals and target end consumers with offers they actually want. Besides empowering coupon initiatives with AI, the solution includes product interest analytics, segmentation, A/B testing, integration across web, mobile & physical POS and more.


As a result, Mobiry successfully entered the global market with a revolutionary SaaS product that helps large retail businesses sell more and increase profits.

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