End-to-End Software Development Services: Process & Benefits

Elena Besedina, Project Manager
End-to-end software development services

If you need to create a technological product from scratch, end-to-end software development is the best option. The critical thing about this work model is that your solution is created by the same team — from concept discussion to project maintenance.

This approach guarantees seamless interaction and a quality product at the output. Also, without intermediaries, you can optimize the development productivity and efficiency and save time and budget.

Integrio Systems also provides end-to-end services for companies in various fields. And today, we want to share our experience and knowledge, telling you about the primary development stages, model advantages, and costs. Stay tuned to learn if the end-to-end solution is the right choice for your company.

What Is End-to-End Software Development?

End-to-end development offers a comprehensive solution covering all stages of product development — from the concept to its full implementation and support. At the same time, this cooperation model provides your company with everything you need, including a qualified team, crucial software, and equipment.

Working with one development team, you avoid many organizational and communication issues. A project manager leads the whole process. They monitor the quality of the intermediate product and the timing. It allows you to release software quickly, gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

The team thoughtfully chooses the development stack so using frameworks and connecting APIs to your software goes as smoothly as possible. It is easy to make changes and additions to the project, as well as predict issues in the following stages and take preventive steps.

And here's how E2E software creation works:

  • Software development provider forms a team to complete your large and complex project
  • The development process begins with a conceptual discussion and ends with the release of the finished product to the market
  • You pay for the service according to a fixed price or time & material pricing model
  • You participate in critical discussions and see intermediate work results
  • After the product launch, the development company provides services with software support and updates

The End-to-End Development Life Cycle

End-to-end software development implies efficient and well-coordinated work in all its phases. Team members communicate closely with each other, which allows them to stick to the chosen vector and coordinate steps. As a result, it speeds up product development and minimizes costs.

Here we would like to share our experience of software development in Integrio. Each project is unique, but regardless of its specifics, an effective workflow consists of the following steps:

  • Requirement Analysis

    During the introduction stage, we carefully analyze your idea, software requirements, and development scale.

    Also, at this stage, it is crucial to study the consumers, their pains, desires, fears, and possible objections to the future product. Competitor analysis reveals the market trends and essential features to include in your software.

  • Planning

    At the planning stage, we discuss different options for solving the tasks with approximate deadlines and budgets. And after the chosen path is approved, we create a customer journey map (CJM) to determine what users must do to achieve their goals within your product.

    We also build a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) and analyze non-technical parameters for scalability, security, and performance.

    Depending on the product's complexity and timing, we form a team, select a technology stack and develop a communication plan.

  • Prototyping

    Based on your requirements and our research, we create a product prototype with all screens, windows, buttons, and software logic. Here you get a working, non-designed framework because it is vital to approve the mechanics first.

    Prototyping is the best time to make any changes to the project as their fixing will take very little time.

  • UI/UX Design

    After the prototype was approved, the designer creates several screens. At the same time, the copywriter writes the text with the selected tone of voice.

    UI/UX design build on visual aesthetics and usability. You can evaluate the developed color scheme, typography, icons, and other graphic elements.

    Edits at this stage are rather a rule than an exception. We make changes to the design and copywriting according to your wishes. And after the style is approved, we scale it to the entire software.

  • Coding

    Coding is the largest and most significant stage of development.

    A front-end developer codes and animates UI/UX design, creating user functionality. It includes buttons, navigation, animations, content organization, and more.

    The back-end developers deal with the server side of the software. They focus on database storage and organization, back-end logic, application programming interfaces (APIs), architecture, and servers.

  • QA Testing

    Quality assurance is an integral part of software development. We use unit, component, and integration tests to examine its quality.

    Through the tests, we check functionality, usability, configuration, compatibility with other software, performance, speed, security, reliability, and other parameters.

    After QA testing, we determine growth areas and correct errors and defects. We repeat the cycle several times until we achieve the desired results.

  • Launch

    After all QA testing cycles, we make final changes to the code and deploy the system sequentially. This way, we understand the possible vulnerabilities of the product and collect early user feedback. We finalize the solution and ensure the software is ready for use.

    To simplify your interaction with the created solution, we document all necessary information about the product, its functions, and exploitation features. We also provide detailed instructions that future developers dealing with your platform may need.

  • Maintenance

    The work does not end with the software launch. We continue to support its performance by fixing issues during the maintenance stage. We identify new risks and deal with them in system modules.

    It also includes scaling, updating, and adding new features. Our main task is to do everything to keep the solution fast, convenient, relevant, and progressive for your end users.

Are E2E Development Services Right For Your Company

End-to-end software development helps companies of various types achieve their business goals:

  • Startups

    Startups need to protect their development budget and release the product as soon as possible, saving competitive advantage.

    Such companies need a reliable partner to determine the necessary features and check the product's viability, minimizing the risks of failure.

  • Mid-Sized Companies

    Mid-sized companies benefit from full-cycle development as it allows them to update the company's existing software faster and cheaper. It ensures process optimization and customer experience improvement.

    The same goes for new product launching. You do not need to hire a specific department and spend time on search, training, and integration when a professional team can do it for you.

  • Enterprises

    Large companies often expand the scope of their activities, requiring industry specialists. Only sometimes is it necessary to hire additional technical specialists. In this case, limiting yourself to the local talent market is unwise.

    The best option is to find a software team with the necessary qualifications and experience, getting first-class software and market insights.

Why You Need End-to-End Software Development Services

There are many reasons companies choose E2E Development Services. We want to highlight the following:

  • Low Cost

It is much cheaper to develop software by one company than to entrust separate processes to different vendors. And for sure, it's much more profitable than hiring your own development staff and paying recruitment and administrative costs. It is a nice bonus for any company, but small businesses and startups will significantly benefit.

  • Good Timing

This type of cooperation helps you save not only money but also time. The team knows your product well, all processes are synchronized, and problems are solved quickly.

  • One Contact

There is only one contract in the end-to-end development process. Therefore, you definitely won’t get bogged down in paperwork as if you were entrusting different stages of product creation to various vendors.

  • Better Planning

Working with one team, you get a detailed plan. The project manager will provide you with the final product goals, the solved clients’ pains, strategies for reducing project risks, and a clear path for creating software.

  • Effective Communication

When building a technical product within one team, its members communicate easily and quickly. Being on the same wavelength helps discuss risks, issues, and optimization ideas on time.

  • Transparent Process

E2E development service goes beyond the full responsibility for the product's design, development, deployment, and support after release. First, this is about a transparent process with direct access to the team and tech stack at any stage of software creation.

  • Strong Trust

The software development vendor, aimed at long-term cooperation, tries to do the work on time and with high quality. And constant communication strengthens trust and connection.

  • Bugs Detection

Comprehensive work on software helps identify and fix bugs promptly because testing functions and performance is carried out at each stage. It speeds up the development process and significantly reduces its cost.

  • Easy Execution

End-to-end development simplifies the transition and implementation. UI/UX designers easily pass the material to front-end developers, and they give an interface to their back-end colleagues. The QA engineer is constantly in touch with the developers to identify issues quickly and bring the product to its best performance.

  • Flexibility

Any changes and innovations are instantly distributed within the team, and each IT specialist performs their work. In the case of a new strategy, the project manager organizes the meeting to coordinate all the actions.

End-to-End Software Creation Cost

The price of end-to-end development is influenced by many factors, such as:

  • Project size
  • List of features
  • Team size
  • Development stack
  • Pricing model
  • Team location

Below, we indicate the approximate number of hours required to complete essential development milestones:

End-to-end software creation cost

The hourly rate depends on the specialist qualifications, as well as their location.

End-to-end software creation cost

Choose Integrio As Your End-to-End Service Provider

Integrio Systems is an end-to-end development company that combines wide experience, innovation, and an effective work methodology.

Our team includes specialists with 15-20 years of experience, as well as end-to-end software experts with Master's or Ph.D. degrees in mathematics. They are always happy to lead your project, helping to solve complex problems.

Working with Integrio, you get a comprehensive and modern approach to software development:

  • Advanced technology. To automate your business processes and improve customer experience, we use AI, ML, BI, Cloud, and Data Science technologies. It provides you with a solid competitive advantage.
  • Experience in different industries. We have been working with different industries for more than 20 years, providing relevant solutions for each of them. Our portfolio includes projects for manufacturing, real estate, digital marketing, transportation, aviation, health & fitness, telecommunication, and others.
  • Security. Security is our priority, and we keep this in mind at every stage of development. In our work, we adhere to world security standards and store all data on reliable servers such as AWS or Azure.
  • Solutions for startups. We believe that good ideas should see the world, so we carefully accompany startups, from business analysis and concept definition to creating an MVP and a finished product.
  • Continuous support. Our developers provide professional support for your product throughout its life cycle, including the maintenance stage. We monitor performance, track bugs and update software to keep your company efficient and competitive.
  • Flexibility. We have solutions for young startups and enterprises leading in their industries. For each project, we form a team and technology stack depending on the project's complexity and scale.

But it is better to talk about our expertise and experience, showing our case studies.


Our clients include 123Signup, the leading SaaS for event and community management. The company contacted us in 2015 to upgrade an outdated platform. In addition to updating obsolete components, we have created a new interface and functions.

Today, event organizers can create websites and membership packages for their events, automate marketing activities, accept donations online, and get access to high-quality reporting and analytics. Cooperation with 123Signup continues to this day.

Cam Tran

Also, we have a fruitful cooperation with Cam Tran. This company specializes in manufacturing, repairing, and renewing all oil-filled distribution transformers. First, our developers have created a program for managing work instructions.

Over time, the project has grown into a full-fledged ERP system that allows employees to manage production and inventory, optimize workflow, control product quality, predict financial results, and much more. We have been updating and supporting the functioning of this platform for nine years.


End-to-end software development is a convenient cooperation model for most companies, including startups, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises. Working with one team, from concept discussion to product launch and maintenance, is faster, cheaper, and more convenient than entrusting each stage to a separate developer.

Do you want to build software from scratch? Contact Integrio to discuss the scope and functionality of your project. We are always happy to advise you on the development timing and cost.


The key reasons for working with an end-to-end development company are time and cost. As a bonus, it is easier for you to communicate with the team, make changes to the project and control the process of creating software.

It all depends on the software complexity and IT team size. On average, developing a small custom project takes about 4-6 months, while a complex solution can require 9-12 months of intense work.

It depends on your desire. In such projects, the entire process is controlled by the project manager, who also monitors the quality of work and compliance with deadlines. You also see intermediate results at each development stage and can make any changes and suggestions on time.

If you want to quickly launch an efficient dashboard analytics solution, feel free to reach out to our team. We are always ready to provide the most relevant digital marketing solution that can empower your business performance from day one.


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