Full Guide on Finding and Hiring Developers in Vancouver

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How to Hire the Best Software Developers in Vancouver

It has been quite challenging to fulfill software engineering positions in Vancouver, Canada, since the local IT market is overcrowded. Looking to a hire software developers in Vancouver? Then you have arrived at the right place.

According to the Government of Canada, prospects for software developers from Vancouver look pretty good. The employment outlook is fine, and demand will continue its growth.

Many companies need software developers, so they are in great demand in Canada. As a result, businesses are heavily competing for them. However, waiting for ages, overpaying, or fighting to get tech talents hardly helps you achieve your business goals. That’s why the Integrio team has created a guide on hiring developers in an overheated market.

Continue reading this article, and do not hesitate to ask Integrio experts about custom software development in Vancouver — we have what to offer you!

Vancouver's Extremely Competitive Software Development Market

Vancouver is famous for its growing tech sector and is considered one of the world's largest tech hubs. With the highest employment rate in high-tech, it takes first place in the growing tech sector in North America. That has made it an attractive destination for tech entrepreneurs who come here to launch their companies and grow them, striving for success.

Vancouver has emerged as a new global technology hub, and accordingly, there is high competition for software engineers. Over two years, the Vancouver area created 28,300 technical jobs. Vancouver tech industry is growing faster than New York City, Austin, and Montreal — three cities known for thriving technology sectors. Of the 100,000 technicians working in British Columbia, Canada — approximately 75,000 work in Vancouver.

How to Find Software Developers in Vancouver

Software developers are one of the most sought-after professionals, so the demand is so high that companies compete to find people with the required specialized skills. Finding a software developer who is well-suited to your business needs is crucial. So how to hire software developers in Vancouver? Keep reading to find out.

Freelance websites

The freelance workforce is continually growing and becoming more critical in the global economy. You can find employees if you know where to look. The following sites are the best places to hire remote developers: Toptal, Upwork, and Arc.

  • Upwork — the global freelancing platform, employing millions of developers and other freelance experts
  • Toptal — an international network for hiring freelancers available to do your programming, designing, or other project-based work. Also, instead of searching through the platform to find developers, you deal only with their consultants directly. After assessing your requirements, they'll establish a list of appropriate candidates.
  • Arc uses the same approach as Toptal in screening candidates. It's a good resource for those who need help finding freelance tech talents. Additionally, you can find contractors and permanent workers there.

Recruiting services

As the job market becomes more competitive, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to develop effective recruitment strategies. Recruitment firms help companies find qualified employees and convince their client's company is the best place for them.

You may try two types of recruitment services if you need to reinforce your company's recruiting volume: individual freelance recruiters and recruiting agencies. Both will help you to find and hire software developers in Vancouver in a reasonable timeframe and budget.

IT Conferences and Hackathons

If you want to grow your company and build networking, consider participating in IT conferences. It will help you to engage more people. It will help your employees to grow professionally and build a personal brand.

You can advertise your business at tech exhibitions or place your company's stand at an IT conference. With good advertisement, you will not need to hunt software engineers in Vancouver. They will apply to work with you themselves.

Outsourcing Services

If previous approaches sound like something other than your thing and you want to get the whole team at once, go for outsourcing companies. They will help you extend the team or form it from the team with specific specializations from scratch. It may be cloud based services or DevOps, whatever you like.

Among other pros, we would like to mention:

  • Employment Options Flexibility

Outsourcing companies offer different types of workers: contractors, project-based, and freelance. You can choose what is best for you. Also, you do not need to think of managing this workforce since all difficulties would be solved on the vendor's side.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Typically, a remote worker costs the company less than one that goes to the office. With outsourcing services, you will not need to open more offices. You may save money buying office supplies and furniture. Also, offshore development may offer more attractive rates for senior-level specialists.

  • Downtimes Reduction

Time zone difference could be a great benefit. With distributed teams, you may get rid of downtimes during the week because, throughout the day, you will always have a pair of eyes to watch the system.

Local software development services and RDCs

Another great option to fulfill your need to hire a software development team in Vancouver is going local. Canadian and international software development companies with offices in Canada always have what to offer you.

We at Integrio will always be happy to transform your ideas into working software. If you are looking for a software development company in Vancouver, it's a good match!

Learn more about benefits of outsourcing software development to Canada.

What You Should Consider when Hiring Developers in Vancouver

These are the key things you should pay attention to in order to hire software development team in Vancouver quickly and efficiently.

  • Skills and Experience

    A developer's skills can be estimated through completed projects, clients worked with, and experience using specific technologies. Previous experience is significant. Those who have experience in your domain will reach peak performance faster.

  • Recruitment Tech Stack

    Recruitment technology stacks are groups of tools, apps, and platforms that work together to help companies find, attract and hire candidates. It can help improve your recruitment process and enable you to identify more suitable candidates.

  • Candidate's Motivation

    Try to figure out the candidate's motivation to work in your company. Once you figure it out, ensure it aligns with what you can offer. Otherwise, this partnership will not be beneficial for both of you.

    Keeping teams and individual employees motivated improves the company's retention rate and workplace satisfaction. That is why being aligned with a candidate is such a good thing.

  • High-Quality Recruiting Process

    Due to a highly competitive IT market, your processes must be perfect to hire software developers in Vancouver Canada with just the right skills and experience. Starting from the first touching point, the recruiter, and up to management, you must provide high-quality service.

    Poor recruitment experience may influence a candidate's decision to choose your company. A clear and concise recruitment process will attract more potential employees and boost company morale.

    Here are the things that will help maintain the transparency of the recruiting process:

    • Up-to-date vacancies published online
    • Posting new vacancies on social media
    • Good company brand and attractive culture

How to Escape Pitfalls when Finding and Hiring Developers in Vancouver

Needless to say that hiring software developers in Vancouver might be more complicated than you have expected. You are probably wondering how to avoid pitfalls while forming a team of experienced software engineers. We figured out the hints and are eager to share them with you.

Communication Before All

Remember, the quality of communication in a team is crucial. Make sure you set up communication guidelines and clearly explain them to newcomers. Walk them through apps and best practices your company sticks to.

Cultural Match

Soft skills matter. What else matters is the candidate's motivation, ability to perform in a team, and personality match. That is why you should pay attention to candidates at all stages of recruitment.

Newly hired tech talent should fit your company's and team's culture well. Otherwise, either team or the new employee will suffer from leadership style or workplace culture issues. For example, your team members were not used to checking in weekly and instead set objectives autonomously. Therefore, a self-organized and initiative candidate is a perfect match.

Arranging an interview with a team lead or project manager may help. Suppose you feel that candidate is strong and you want to retain them. In that case, consider offering them a position in another team.

Reliable IT Partners

If outsourcing certain parts of work, ensure you trust the vendors. That does not mean you should avoid outsourcing and try to take control of everything. You can diversify risk and hire different vendors. At the same time, you can invest in establishing long-term relationships with the chosen vendor. Any of these strategies may work for you.

Remote First

After the pandemic, the world switched to the remote-first model. Although many people still look for an office environment, some do not. When looking to form a software development team from Vancouver, ask yourself whether location matters.

Losing remarkable candidates from other locations would be a pity. Think wider and strongly consider remote candidates as long as their working hours partially match your time zone.

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Get Professional Guidance and Assistance with Product Design, Development, and Scaling with Integrio Systems

Looking for qualified software development services to fulfill your needs? Integrio is here to help. We are eager to share our experience and offer you IT consulting and custom software development services. We understand the challenges of the evolving IT market and follow the most recent technology trends.

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Digitization of Enterprise Resource Planning: Integrio's experience

One of Integrio’s long-term projects is a cooperation with a Canadian manufacturing company, Cam Tran.

It started with building business processes optimization web app. We elicited business requirements, proposed a software solution, and prototyped the visual concept for the system. The client was satisfied with our approach, and the project has evolved into a comprehensive ERP system. We used such technologies as Java, React, and PostgreSQL to develop it.

Nowadays, we improve Jive's automation, support, and scale it. As a result, the Jive app allows you to create, view, edit, manage and search work instructions. It also has a KPI dashboard and manager toolkit to get insights into a company's processes. Contact Integrio, and we will help to digitize your business processes too!


Full Guide on Finding and Hiring Developers in Vancouver Vancouver's Extremely Competitive Software Development Market How to Find Software Developers in Vancouver What You Should Consider when Hiring Developers in Vancouver How to Escape Pitfalls when Finding and Hiring Developers in Vancouver Get Professional Guidance and Assistance with Product Design, Development, and Scaling with Integrio Systems FAQ


First you need to decide whether physical location is important for you.

  • If location is crucial, then go for local networking events and conferences, post vacancies at local job websites or order recruiting services.
  • If location does not matter much, then freelance platforms and outsourcing vendors are a good choice for you.

When there is a need to extend your software development department in Canada and saving costs is on top of your requirements, pay attention to nearshore and offshore development centers. They will help you to establish dedicated teams and it will cost you less than hiring on-site in Vancouver, one of the world's top tech hubs.

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