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Cascade Stategies

BioNimbus is an AI-powered solution which allows executing complex consumer behavior research by providing focus groups with VR experiences followed by neural activity scans.

Cascade Strategies is a highly innovative, market research and consulting firm with over 24 years’ experience in the field. Their solution called Bionimbus is designed to utilize biometric data analytics in order to bring understanding of consumer decision making process to a whole new level.


2014 - 2015




In 2014 Cascade Strategies were looking for a partner to support their R&D efforts. They were building a biometrical data analytics solution to innovate qualitative research for the CPG industry.


Cascade Strategies developed a methodology to track consumer emotional excitement and research the factors that drive purchase. The research participants were brought into VR environments where they could see and interact with different types of product packages. The following data was collected during the process:

  • Eye tracking data - to understand which areas of the package attracted more attention
  • GSR data - to track emotional excitement;
  • EEG data - to track emotional excitement & brain activity.

Integrio created a data analytics engine to classificate the data retrieved and provide Cascade with predictive insights based on the results of experiments that were held. Integrio worked closely with Cascade Strategies to improve the mathematical algorithms applied and make the predictions more accurate.




As a result, clients of Cascade Strategies enjoyed using Bionimbus to grow their sales. Among the companies that enhance their marketing strategies with BioNimbus there are such distinguished brands like Kellogg’s, Mars, HP, Microsoft, Nike, Disney and more.

Cascade Strategies

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