Homebuzz is a property management platform that brings cutting-edge solutions to the real estate market.

Homebuzz began as a startup that helped real estate and property management companies from the U.S. and Canada generate more leads, automate advertising, and reduce paperwork.


2010 - ongoing




In 2010, one ambitious startup was looking for a reliable partner who could create an SMS messaging platform for real estate agents. Integrio was one of the leaders in SMS messaging in the Canadian IT market. This unique expertise prompted Homebuzz to turn to us to develop their new solution. From the SMS messaging platform, Homebuzz was transformed into a multifunctional Property Management System. Their goal was to create a scalable ERP solution that efficiently organizes and streamlines property management companies' day-to-day operations and marketing efforts. We took on all the responsibility of handling the entire development cycle, ensuring a seamless and successful implementation of our mutual ideas.


Before starting the development process, we set a goal to make one of the best platforms in the real estate market. Our team spent a month studying the solutions of our competitors to gain a greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. During the development stage, our specialists closely cooperated with real estate experts from Homebuzz to ensure this platform could meet the needs of the people working in this field for years. The current functionality of the Homebuzz platform includes the following:

  • Unit Inventory Management: Manage and store information about units, buildings, and tenants in one central location.
  • Marketing and Syndication: Automatically post and update vacant units on top property sites.
  • Email and Call Tracking and Recording: Find out where leads are coming from and record the most essential calls.
  • Smart Property Managing: Streamline and support your company's daily operations with the help of facility maintenance and troubleshooting, booking services, scheduling appointments, and more.
  • POS Integration: Convenient payment options that allow seamless processing of payments from a single point.



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