Jonas Software is a leading Canadian IT company that operates over 80 independently managed software companies around the world.

Jonas Software (a part of Constellation Software, Canadian second largest IT company TSE: CSU with a market cap of over 27B) is the leading Canadian provider of enterprise management software products to the Club, Foodservice, Construction, Leisure Fitness & Sports, Attractions, Metal Service Centers, Moving & Storage, Education, Radiology/Laboratory Information Systems, Salon & Spa and Consumer Product Licensing industries.




In 2012 Jonas Software acquired Volo Innovations - a Canadian company that made its way from an early stage startups to a leading SaaS company.

Integrio Systems was Volo’s software development partner from the very beginning - so after the code, made by Integrio for Volo, passed an audit, Integrio continued working on the project. Later on Integrio was invited by Jonas to work on a challenging project where the essential components of source code were lost. Integrio successfully dealt with the challenge and this success led to further development of the partnership - Integrio Systems worked with numerous subsidiaries of Jonas - including SaaS solutions providers for gyms, clubs & fitness communities management, member management, event management and more.




IT consulting & development services provided by Integrio helped Jonas maintain stable and fast access to cost-effective dedicated development resources with unique skills and robust academic backgrounds. It helps the company maintain and consolidate leadership in numerous software product niches.


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