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Kofein company is one of the market leaders in the restaurant & café business segment. Our client is a well-known restaurant chain with more than 40 restaurants and serving millions of customers throughout Ukraine.


Before the start of our cooperation, Kofein performed research that showed the existing software solution does not satisfy all the business needs of the company. Moreover, it was difficult to use, had poor performance, limited functionality, and a lot of issues preventing proper data interpretation and analysis. After receiving the research data, the company decided to create a new software solution, which in turn would cover all the gaps in the workflow of the entire restaurant & café chain. Integrio Systems was chosen as Kofeins vendor, as we showed a deep understanding of the client business problems, and offered broad options to solve arisen challenges.


Based on client requirements, we developed an ERP system that helps to streamline the processes not only of the entire restaurant chain but also of a particular café. Kofein ERP is a complex SaaS business solution developed to effectively manage Kofein restaurant chain processes.

The functionality of Kofein ERP solution includes:

  • Inventory management including all orders info, supplier and purchases data that allow managers to correctly assess the availability of required resources and replenish the lack of them on-time.
  • POS terminals software and its integration with the whole ERP system
  • Reporting and analytics based on the received data about order completion, reservations, payments, etc.
  • Admin dashboard with sales reports, inventory reports, attendance reports, and customers data
  • Application for waiters compatible with mobile and tablet devices to help waiters complete their orders, and automatically send order data to kitchen staff.
  • Recipe and menu management
  • Accounting module that includes income and expenses data, salary history, financial status, the total amount of purchases, etc


Today, Kofein ERP solution is used actively on a daily basis by each company employee. Our client mentioned that this solution significantly cut down operating costs, helped to identify weaknesses, assess the progress of employees, analyze risks and opportunities, and better plan the activities of the company. The cooperation of Integrio Systems and Kofein continues to these days, as we perform product support and maintenance services as well as providing our clients with new modules and features. Our client empowers Kofein market presence and turns to us to develop new sophisticated projects together.

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