RegisterSigns is an online selling platform for customers from the USA and Canada.

RegisterSigns is an online selling platform for customers from the USA and Canada. The main idea was to develop a platform that allowed users to place listings on a website to sell or rent a vast variety of goods, increasing the number of potential buyers.


2015 - 2019



How it works

There are two options for how a potential buyer can find the listing. They can see the FOR SALE sign just walking along the street. This sign has a custom keyword: when a seller or lessor creates an ad on the RegisterSigns platform, a keyword is assigned to that ad. A potential buyer sends a message with this keyword to a short number and receives all the necessary information, a link to a web page with the ad, and the seller’s contact details.

Besides, RegisterSigns has integration with websites such as Rent Jungle,, Trulia, Padmapper, Backpage, Zumper, Home Finder, Prop2go, Zillow, and many others, so all RegisterSigns users can place their ads on any of these websites in a few clicks.

Key features

Integrio Systems has developed the RegisterSigns platform to meet the needs of both our client and his customers. The functionality of this solution includes:

  • Admin, User and ProUser roles with their custom dashboards; Integration with syndication partners - Zumper, Zillow, Rent Jungle, etc
  • Payment systems integration;
  • Scheduling - planning of posting, and tracking ads status;
  • Subscribing to keywords;
  • Reporting and analytics - sent, received and verified SMS; website traffic; ads status, billing and payments, lead summary, social summary, etc
  • Integration with social media platforms




As a result, we've built a stable, requirements-compliant online selling platform that gives a lot of opportunities to both the client and RegisterSigns users, and covers a great number of people who want to buy or sell properties and many other goods. The platformengages thousands of users, thereby bringing business value to our client.


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