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Volo Innovations is a member management software tool designed to efficiently manage gyms and fitness centers.

Volo Innovations (acquired by Member Solutions, a part of Jonas Software in 2012) was initiated as a startup in Vancouver, Canada.


2007 - 2012




The founders of Volo were gym-owners Nikki and Barry Layton - they were looking for a solution to manage the operations of their gym but could not find a product that would meet their needs. Therefore, they decided to create a new SaaS application for themselves and other gym owners.


Integrio Systems was responsible for 100% of the product development. Volo became one of the leading applications for web-based billing and scheduling for fitness clubs. The functionality included:

  • Scheduling - Integrated scheduling and billing automatically tracks all sessions to customers' accounts and payroll.
  • Billing - simplified, seamless invoicing, purchases, cancellations, and membership fees get added to member accounts automatically.
  • Accurate invoicing can be done within seconds.
  • Marketing - the functionality made for gyms to stay in touch with existing members and prospect new clients - including customizable newsletters, notifications and more.
  • Reporting - instant access to relevant business reports which helps users see how their business is growing. The analytics functionality allows retrieving insights into staff demand, new memberships, existing memberships value and so on.
  • Member Portal - allows gym members to manage their own schedules. Includes appointment time changing, purchasing additional sessions, or signing up for new classes and more.



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