IT Outsourcing in Poland: Overview and Key Benefits

Christine Mereynis, Marketing Manager
IT Outsourcing in Poland

Poland is a great place to outsource software development. It's an affordable and efficient option for companies worldwide willing to create a quality, high-performing product. In Poland, outsourcing IT-related tasks are highly in demand, and local experts offer all sorts of services and solutions.

What makes software development outsource in Poland such a beneficial option? No need to google “Poland outsourcing” or “development outsourcing Poland.” In this post, we will disclose the most significant benefits of hiring IT experts from Poland and tell you more about the local IT development market. Learn about Poland's position on the global market and what specializations are most popular among Polish developers.

Overview of IT Development Market in Poland

Poland is experiencing stable economic growth. It's among the fastest-growing economies in Eastern and Central Europe. The country wasn’t affected much by the consequences of the 2008 economic crisis. Instead, it has built a digitalized place that's become an aspiring IT hub. That's why it is quite beneficial to invest in the Polish IT outsourcing market. The country is full of potential, resources, and assets.

To understand the potential of IT outsourcing in Poland better, let’s start with the key facts about the IT industry in this country. It is constantly growing and evolving and already accounts for about 8% of the Polish GDP. IBISWorld estimates the value of the software development market size in Poland at more than $8bn. By this indicator, the country is ranked 7th in Europe out of 26 EU members.

The country boasts a considerable pool of software development companies and IT professionals. According to the Polish Investment & Trade Agency (PAIH), there are around 50,000 such companies of different sizes in Poland. The local IT industry employs more than 430,000 specialists. And their number is growing. 86,000 students study in Polish universities to become IT specialists, and 11,000 graduate each year.

Such figures are no surprise, taking into account the strong demand for IT specialists in the local labor market. PAIH claims that over 105,000 job offers for IT professionals were published on the Polish segment of the Internet in January-May 2021.

Poland vs. Other CEE Outsourcing Hubs

We’ve already mentioned some figures describing the state of software development in Poland. However, this country isn’t the only IT outsourcing destination in the region. Why should one choose Poland?

According to the Future of IT report by the Emerging Europe hub, Poland has one of the most developed IT sectors in the region. The IT Competitiveness Index takes into account dozens of parameters describing IT infrastructure, available talent, business environment, and economic impact, as well as the room for growth. Poland has scored high in all respects, especially in talent and infrastructure.

The IT Competitiveness Index by Emerging Europe

According to the same report that uses data from the 2021 GBS World Competitiveness Index, Poland was ranked by global buyers as the best IT outsourcing destination in its region. The country also tops the list of the best destinations for data analytics and data science outsourcing.

Emerging Europe OT Outsourcing

A strong IT sector manifests itself in successful local IT companies. The research on Central and Eastern European startups, conducted with the help of Google, points out that Poland has been one of the largest startup value generators in the region since 2000.

Cumulative number of unicorns and $1B+ exits

IT Outsourcing in Poland vs. Ukraine and Romania

Ukraine and Romania are two other popular software development outsourcing hubs in CEE. We have prepared a comparison table to highlight the main differences between these countries and Poland.

Poland and Ukraine

  • Available professionals

    Poland has a greater number of IT professionals currently available for hire. In Ukraine, there are approximately 200 thousand IT experts, while in Poland, the number reaches over 400 thousand.

  • English proficiency

    Poland ranks 13th on the EF English Proficiency Index. At the same time, Ukraine is only ranked 43rd. Though the situation may be different for the IT community, the language barrier is less likely to be a problem in Poland than in Ukraine.

  • Market focus

    Polish IT experts are more focused on the European market, while Ukrainians aim at the US. Hence, Polish professionals are more aware of the current European market situation, allowing them to focus on different countries and reach new markets within the region. Ukrainian IT experts, on the contrary, are preoccupied with the American market.

Poland and Romania

  • Available professionals

    Romania has fewer available IT professionals. As of 2021, the number of local IT experts has only reached 100,000.

  • Industry size

    The Romanian IT market is smaller than in Poland – it is valued at $6,4 bn. As we’ve mentioned, the corresponding figure for Poland is more than $8 bn.

  • English proficiency

    The level of English proficiency is pretty much the same in Poland and Romania. They are ranked 13th and 14th on the EF English Proficiency Index.

Key Specializations of Polish Software Developers

According to the Business Services Sector in Poland 2022 report, the programming languages most often utilized in Polish IT centers are SQL, Java, Javascript, and Python, followed by the C#/*.net/C/C++ language family. Thus, local developers are well-versed in some of the most popular programming languages and up to the task of modern software development.

One of the reasons for the excellent reputation of Polish outsourced teams is that they're experienced in various industries. That's why they're capable of completing all sorts of tasks and creating efficient, high-quality products for various clients. Let's look at some of the most popular industries Polish IT experts are working in.

  • Digital marketing

Polish experts are well experienced in developing various digital marketing platforms like social media post planners, ad creators, visual content editors, and many others. Software outsourcing in Poland is a perfect solution for businesses that want to create a helpful digital marketing product for content makers and influencers.

  • Retail & eCommerce

These platforms are widely popular worldwide, so companies are looking for relevant experts who would help them develop their business and build an intuitive, convenient eCommerce platform. Polish experts have substantial expertise in creating solutions like online marketplaces or Shopify stores.

  • eLearning

If you want to outsource developers in Poland, they can provide high-quality eLearning solutions like educational platforms or special learning systems for schools and universities. Local experts have enough expertise to provide helpful and intuitive solutions for students and teachers worldwide.

  • Healthcare

Healthcare services like appointment booking apps or medicine deliveries are among the most popular solutions Polish IT experts provide. They can create high-quality products that enhance loyalty and user experience among people visiting a medical center or clinic. So, if you want to outsource software development in Poland, you can reasonably expect high-quality healthcare solutions.

  • Banking

Banking apps like crypto wallets or lending services are also popular requests for development outsourcing in Poland. Local professionals cooperate with plenty of well-known companies all over the globe, providing efficient and fast solutions for transferring funds, processing a loan, and other banking-related operations.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing in Poland

IT outsourcing to Poland is a great option in many ways — let's take a look at some of its most significant advantages.

  • Coding expertise

    Polish IT experts are recognized all over the world, and hence, they're in high demand. Most of them have substantial portfolios with works in different areas and niches, so you'll always be able to find what you need. If you consider hiring IT experts from Poland, you can expect broad expertise and high-quality, timely project completion. From event management software to healthcare solutions, Polish experts can work on any type of project.

  • High concentration of talent specialists

    Poland is rich in professional experts working with IT projects in different industries like banking, healthcare, eLearning, retail, eCommerce, and many others. If you want to hire outsource developers in Poland, you will definitely find the experts you need, whatever your project is related to. This makes Poland a great outsourcing destination for various businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Overlapping time zones

    Polish IT experts work worldwide, and this enables them to work in different time zones. Even if you find professional IT experts located in Poland, it's quite a convenient option for most European countries working in pretty much the same time zone as Poland. This allows most companies to stay in touch with remote teams during working hours and promptly solve any issues or questions that occur during the process.

  • Affordable services

    One of the main benefits of outsourcing in Poland is the cost of services. Although the quality is quite high, the final price for services would be lower. It's cheaper than hiring professionals with the same expertise from the UK, Germany, or other European countries. Outsourcing IT-related tasks to Polish experts is a great option if you want the same level of quality at lower costs.

  • English proficiency

    Most Polish IT experts are proficient in English, allowing them to work internationally in and out of the country. This is among the main benefits of outsourcing IT-related tasks to Polish experts, giving more professionals an opportunity to get jobs worldwide and increasing their level of expertise.

  • Business-driven experts

    Most IT experts from Poland have a business-savvy attitude, and this allows local professionals to better understand the needs of their clients and provide solutions tailored to specific requirements and company preferences. This way, they gain more loyal clients all over the globe and provide exactly what customers need.

  • Efficient management

    The management system in Polish IT companies can be compared to the ones in the UK, France, or Germany. This means the approaches and frameworks used among local IT businesses are progressive and innovative, giving Polish specialists the opportunity to develop their skills and work efficiently on more challenging tasks. This is one of the key benefits of IT outsourcing in Poland, making the country a popular and affordable choice for all.

Outsource Software Development to Poland with Intergrio!

As an expert in software development outsourcing in Poland, Integrio offers top-notch services to clients worldwide. With over 20 years in the industry, our company can handle issues of all levels of complexity and customization. We will help you outsource end-to-end development tasks and offer the best professionals in the industry to complete your goals efficiently and fast.

We have already completed over 200 successful projects and have sufficient experience in working with various technologies, including PHP, Node.js, Java, and .NET. We offer full-stack development services, from ideation to development and project releases. Some of our strongest points also include a 95% customer retention rate, broad experience range, and full transparency in cooperation.

Our Projects

Take a look at some of our successful software development projects.

In 2014, Integrio started working on an enterprise portal for Air Canada’s air cargo division. The portal automates the booking and tracking of commodities shipped. We helped the company with:

  • integration with Salesforce via API. Data in Salesforce is automatically updated when actions are taken on the portal by customers and vice versa
  • analytics for managers to estimate demand and plan flights accordingly
  • smooth integration of the portal with the company's legacy system
  • migration to the cloud
  • developing a platform to schedule picking up from warehousing facilities and manage warehousing operations.

This company, located in San Jose, is a subsidiary of Jonas Software, a provider of enterprise management software solutions. Our cooperation started in 2015. Integrio’s CTO and project managers worked closely with the client to analyze the business workflow and explore all the tech aspects. The tasks we fulfilled for this company included:

  • source code audit and recovery as well as rewriting it using a newer stack. Our team managed to recover the code in two months.
  • cloud migration
  • UI/UX update
  • numerous functionality updates

Homebuzz is a Canadian SaaS company that offers solutions for automating marketing and other operations of property management businesses.

Integrio Systems developed the software system that includes:

  • Marketing syndication to post and update ads across popular real estate platforms in the US & Canada
  • IVR, email & call center management solution to manage, track and analyze communication with customers
  • Real estate operation management, including facility maintenance, appointment scheduling, POS integration, etc.

To get a better understanding of what we do, see our portfolio.

If Integrio is what you are looking for in outsourcing IT services in Poland, contact us today to discuss cooperation opportunities. Let's work on an outstanding software product together!


There are several reasons to outsource IT-related tasks to Polish experts. First, the labor costs are lower, and the tax regime is pretty friendly there. Moreover, a well-developed IT ecosystem makes Poland a perfect choice for international companies that are looking for experienced and competent software developers.

According to the report by Harvard Business Review, Poland is the world's fifth country that's developed in tech skills and expertise. Poland has a strong position for as a technology leader in the region. Over the past ten years, the country went through major transformations and gained the right to become Europe's tech hub and a target for global investments from tech giants like Google and Microsoft.

If you consider IT outsourcing in Poland, the cost of hiring IT experts will depend on their level of expertise and hourly rates, the project's complexity, and urgency, and the kind of tasks needed to be done. Although outsourcing IT services to Polish experts isn't the most expensive option, the nature of your project will affect the final cost anyway.

If you want to have an approximate price estimate, feel free to contact our team. We will take into consideration your project requirements as well as the latest market trends.


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