Hire Polish Programmers in 2024 and Avoid Pitfalls

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How to Hire Developers in Poland and Avoid Pitfalls

With more than 400,000 tech specialists, Poland is the CEE largest talent pool. The government creates a supportive environment, including favorable labor legislation, encouraging foreigners to hire Polish software developers, and working with international clients to foster the growth and support of the technical community. According to Statista, as of 2022, Poland's largest IT companies had produced PLN 6.8 billion (almost $1.5 billion) in sales revenue.

In this post, we will give an overview of the Polish IT Market, disclose what technical expertise Polish developers possess, and how to hire software developers in Poland, avoiding possible pitfalls. We will also introduce Integrio Systems, an expert in software development outsourcing in Poland, and provide you with their most remarkable outsourcing cases in Poland.

IT Market in Poland: Popularity and Growth

Poland has successfully modernized its economy, making it one of the most robust and stable since it joined the EU in 2004. Additionally, Poland's ICT sector is expanding at an astounding rate, creating robust benefits of IT outsourcing in Poland.

Polish IT Market’s Constant Growth

Over the past ten years, more businesses have wondered how to find software developers in Poland as the Polish IT market has grown at a phenomenal rate. Poland's tech industry, which accounts for around 8% of the country's GDP, significantly contributes to the country's economic growth. With $10.4 billion in revenue in 2021, Poland's IT industry ranked seventh among the most powerful in Europe.

CEE’s Most Competitive IT Sector

Of the 23 nations in Central and Eastern Europe, Poland received a total score of 61.40 (ranked number 1), according to the report The IT Landscape: The Future of IT in Emerging Europe. The score was based on factors such as business climate, development of the IT sector, and top software development talent.

Foreign IT Companies in Poland

Besides around 50,000 Polish IT companies, the growth of the Polish IT industry is supported by over 600 foreign tech companies, such as Microsoft, Intel, Google, IBM, Delphi, and Samsung. As of 2021, the largest foreign IT company was Dell EMC Polska, which generated 3 billion zlotys (approx. $601 M) in IT goods and services sales.

Leading Number of Developers in the CEE Region

Polish developers are driving the country's ongoing IT sector progress. Polish ICT specialists make up the largest tech talent pool in the CEE with 401,000, or 25% of all the region's tech talent, according to the Polish and CEE Ecosystem Outlook. In comparison, Ukraine and Romania have around 280,000 and 139,000 developers, respectively.

Technical Expertise of Developers in Poland

Based on the Business Services Sector in Poland 2022 report, the top programming languages used in Polish IT centers are SQL, Java, Javascript, and Python, followed by the C#/*.net/C/C++ language family. According to Statista, the most common programming languages used in Polish job postings are JavaScript (24%), Java (21%), Python (15%), Typescript (11%), PHP (8%), C# (6%), and C++ (3%).

JavaScript, Java, and Python are the most required programming languages in job postings in Poland.
JavaScript, Java, and Python are the most required programming languages in job postings in Poland.
Javascript (24%)Java (21%)Python (15%)Typescript (11%)PHP (8%)C# (6%)C++ (3%)Other (12%)

Source: https://www.statista.com...


SQL is a declarative programming language for user interaction with databases. It is used to generate queries, update and manage relational databases, create a database schema and modify it, and control access to a database. A record percentage of Polish IT centers (82.7%) use SQL to communicate with databases.


Java is an object-oriented programming language released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems as a core component of the Java platform. Since 2009, Oracle has been dealing with the language. Java is used by 78.8% of Polish IT centers to create programs for laptops, data centers, game consoles, scientific supercomputers, mobile phones, and other gadgets. Integrio has provided Java Application Development services since the early 2000s, being among the top 1% of all software companies worldwide with expertise in Java.


JavaScript is a computer- and server-sided programming language to create interactive web pages. JavaScript adds interactive components to websites that engage users, like HTML and CSS, for web pages that need structure and style. JavaScript is used by 72.1% of Polish IT centers.


Python is a rigorous, dynamic, high-level, object-oriented programming language. Python is frequently used to create software and websites, automate processes, and analyze data. Seventy-six percent of Polish IT centers use Python.

C Language Family

C Sharp is an object-oriented programming language with a safe typing system for the .NET platform. The syntax of C# is close to C++ and Java. C#/*. net/C/C++ language family is utilized across the platforms for IoT applications, browsers and databases, applications and operating systems, graphics, and games. They are used in 50% of IT centers in Poland.

5 Steps to Hire Developers in Poland

When hiring developers in Poland, it is vital to follow the proper procedure to avoid unnecessary risks and expenses. Below are the recommended steps of the hiring process in the IT industry in Poland.

5 Steps to Hire Developers in Poland
  • Define the scope of your project

    Before you hire outstaffing software developers in Poland, it is vital to understand the scope as it dictates the number and type of specialists. It is worthwhile to hire freelance developers if the project is small and can be completed by the efforts of 1-2 software developers in a brief amount of time. Partnering with a software development company is best when a project requires a more complicated approach under international standards.

  • Develop clear job descriptions with hard skills specifications

    You should decide your employment needs before you hire Polish outstaff software developers. Depending on the employment, an IT specialist may have different levels of professional competence. Don't forget to include the level of competence, whether junior, middle, or senior, as their professional knowledge and experience vary.

  • Do a market review and select the best candidates

    When you hire Polish outstaff developers you need to research the market trends and learn more about available developers and their tech stacks. Find out the average salary for software engineers to establish a fair hiring budget. Avoid hiring outside of essential hubs. Examine different hiring portals to learn what is expected there. Below are some of the platforms for posting jobs advertisements:

    Do you find it frustrating to search and interview candidates on your own? Consider working with a software development company represented on Clutch, a company that millions of organizations trust globally. Integrio has been granted the Clutch 1000 award and is included in the exclusive list that ranks the top IT, marketing, and business service companies.

  • Conduct interviews with the selected candidates

    When all research is complete, you can start choosing the best applicants. Knowing how to conduct an interview is an essential point in how to hire Polish outstaff software developers. During the interview, pay close attention to the following factors:

    • The candidate's professional qualifications and experience should line up with your job's needs;
    • A candidate's portfolio aids in determining whether they possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to handle your projects or responsibilities;
    • References serve as evidence of a candidate's competence and dependability.
    • Inquiries about a candidate's professional background, teamwork skills, problem-solving abilities, ability to employ various project management techniques, etc. should also be made.

    Don't forget to create a technical test assignment that will allow you to evaluate the candidate's level of coding proficiency.

  • Approve your team and start the onboarding process

    Now is the moment to assemble a team. Once you have chosen the top candidates and finished the necessary paperwork, you can have your dedicated developers sign the NDA and get ready to work. A seasoned vendor will undoubtedly help you organize the onboarding procedure to rapidly incorporate your new hire into your existing team.

Pitfalls of Hiring Developers in Poland: How to Avoid Them

Hiring outstaff developers abroad may seem frightening as you don’t know what to expect from the country's legislation. In the case of Poland, there are two significant pitfalls you should consider to avoid any troubles with your Polish developers. Read on to learn how to avoid them.

Pitfalls of Hiring Developers in Poland: How to Avoid Them

Complicated legislation and tax system

The question of how to find Polish outstaff software developers with the right stack is not the only challenge if you want to hire Polish software engineers. If you are new to conducting business in Poland, adjusting to the quick change in the local legislation may be a daunting task. If you want to draw up the right legal contract without a headache, just choose a reliable IT partner.

Additionally, Poland has a compound tax system as well as some peculiarities relating to electronic signatures and the submission of official documents by international corporations. To avoid this pitfall, seek the advice of qualified legal and tax consultants before launching your business in Poland, or choose a reputable service provider who will handle all legal compliance difficulties.

Selecting the best type of employment contract

International businesses may find it challenging to choose the optimum type of employment contract when they hire programmers in Poland. In essence, there are two most popular types of them: Umowa o prace (employment contract), which is a standard employment contract, and Umowa Zlecenia, which is a contract for employees who are also independent contractors. Another two types are B2B contracts and Umowa o dzielo.

Choosing the employment contract depends entirely on your company type. In order to avoid the pitfall of selecting the wrong contract type for your company, it is advisable to obtain qualified guidance. professional assistance When you work with a company that is one of the leaders of IT outstaff services in Poland, none of the challenges related with contract execution are an issue.

Consider Integrio Your Trusted Partner

Integrio provides world-class services to clients as a leader in outsourcing software development in Poland. Our company has over 20 years in the field and can handle problems with any degree of complexity or uniqueness. We will work with you to outsource end-to-end development services and provide the top experts in the field to meet your objectives quickly and effectively.

Consider Integrio Your Trusted Partner

We have successfully finished more than 200 projects to date and have enough expertise in dealing with various technologies, including PHP, Node.js, Java, and.NET. From concept through project release, we provide full-stack development services.

Below are some of the outsourcing projects in Poland we would like to highlight and tell more about the challenges we solved with our solutions and the results.

Volo Innovations

Volo Innovations is a Canadian member management software program created to effectively manage fitness facilities. Searching for a way to manage the operations of their gym, the founders of Volo decided to develop a new SaaS application for themselves and other gym owners.

The entire product development process was handled by Integrio Systems. The features included: scheduling, billing, accurate invoicing, reporting, and a member portal. As a result, Volo became one of the most popular web-based scheduling and billing tools for fitness centers, achieved great success in the US and Canadian markets by 2012, and was acquired by Member Solutions.

Air Canada

In 2014, Integrio started developing an enterprise portal for Air Canada's air cargo division. The portal automates the ordering and tracking of shipped goods. The features include:

  • Salesforce integration via API.
  • Automatical update of data when clients execute actions on the portal and vice versa;
  • Analytics for managers to determine demand and plan flight schedules;
  • Smooth interaction of the port with the company’s legacy system;
  • Assistance with cloud migration
  • A recent development: a platform to schedule picking up from warehousing facilities and manage warehousing operations.

If you want to find Polish software developers for hiring, contact us to discuss the most suitable solution for your project and develop a cutting-edge product for you.


There are several steps to finding Polish software developers. First of all, you need to know the scope of your project and define how many and what kind of developers you need. Once you have written the job description search for suitable candidates and interview the best of them. Alternatively, you may consider outsourcing software development to Ukraine.

According to the Business Services Sector in Poland 2022 research, Python, Java, and SQL are the top three programming languages used in data centers. The three programming languages that will be most in demand in 2023 are Java, Python, and JavaScript.

There are two significant pitfalls you may encounter when you are about to hire engineers in Poland: the complexity of legal and tax regulations and choosing the wrong type of employment contract. To prevent falling into these traps, you should engage skilled legal and tax advisers before starting your business in Poland or select a trustworthy service provider that will take care of any issues with legal compliance.

If you want to have an approximate price estimate, feel free to contact our team. We will take into consideration your project requirements as well as the latest market trends.


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